Sunday, January 24, 2016

Casual Day

Skirt - American Apparel - Similar 

Today was a rather boring day, with me just working around the house.  I did make a point of dressing for a little bit today.  I have had some requests for some updates to my cleavage methods and I thought it would be fun to take some picture for that upcoming post.  Here are some results:

Pretty nice cleavage huh?  I like it! So... look forward to my update, coming soon!

A few other tidbits for you all:

- I appreciate the care and concern that so many of you have shown in regards to my previous post.  Sometimes I look back at things and wonder, hmmm.... there must have been a certain tone to a post for so many people to get the same message from it.  Maybe it is me that is not getting the message?  Anywho.... for some clarity, I am not contemplating transition so much as I am lamenting not recently being able to dress for some extended time.  It is only then that I get to experience desiring to be a male, and I LIKE that.

- I somewhat recently did I post over at Already Pretty that I forgot to cross post to, so here is that now!

- I also recently had a piece publish over at Sister House and I really like the look of how that article turned out.


Love you!

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