Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jules' Summer Flashback

 Shirt- White House, Black Market- similar
Shorts- Merona- similar
Shoes-  Impo- similar

This was one of the last outfits I wore last summer before going back to work. I love both the shorts and the top. The top is a halter top, which I love because I do not have to wear a bra with this top. I am fortunate enough to have perky breasts (yes I did just say that), and I try to take advantage of that by wearing tops that most women my age would not feel comfortable wearing. In my opinion, I have three things going for me when I comes to the shape of my boobs: 1) I have never had children, 2) I often go without a bra and have for the past 20 years (if I don't need a bra on, I don't wear one), and 3) genetics. Many women, myself included until my mid 20's or so, think they have to wear a bra or the world will revolt and pitchfork them. Not true! Most people do not look or if they do look, they don't care. Also, many women think that wearing a bra will help keep their breasts perky, which is also not true. Actually, wearing a bra all the time makes breasts less able to keep themselves up. To quote a study on wearing bras and the effects on young breasts, "not wearing a bra will lead to increased collagen production and elasticity, which improves lift in a developing breast."  This study is definitely worth reading and sharing with the women in your world. :)
Me without Makeup 

I find it hard to look at the pictures I took of me without makeup, even though I never thought I would feel this way. I had been comfortable with not wearing make up or wearing very little  for years.  It was really only a few years ago that I started feeling like I look so much better with makeup than without. I think it was after breaking my leg that I began to wear all over face makeup all the time to work and most of the time out and about in the world. That injury seemed to age my face and body by years, sadly. I still go without it when going on errands or quick trips out to do things.  So, for me to go out to get my nails done, and to the movies without makeup that day was a little bit uncomfortable, but I figured I need to be able to do that sometimes, to show myself that nothing bad will happen (like people staring or laughing at me) if I go out without makeup. I was correct in that assumption. We had a great, uneventful day.

Fun Bright Nails
Love, love these shoes!!

Okay,  I hope you enjoyed this little look back at a summer outfit. Although I love summer and miss wearing very little clothing, I personally am enjoying the winter and the rain it is bringing to a very dry California. 



  1. That's really made me miss Summer now!! :o) Interesting post and love the nails!
    Rhi x

    1. Thanks! Yes, those pics make me miss running around in very little clothing and enjoying warm, sunny days. Oh well. Summer will be back before you know it and probably, by the end, we will be missing sweaters and fires. :)

    2. Sweaters and tights (nylons) and boots! 😊

  2. Wow Jules you look great. Love the nail polish and really love the shoes. We have been shoveling snow for the last 5 weeks so I do appreciate the summer look. Thanks Charlene

    1. Thank you for the compliment! Wow, shoveling snow for 5 weeks, huh? Well, our winter here in central California in so mild compared to that. It's been raining where I live quite a bit and the the lows here are usually in the 30s so I have nothing to complain about. But I do love summer when it comes around. Glad you enjoyed my post. :)