Monday, December 14, 2015

Rainy Day Outfit With A Miniskirt!

Jacket - Pelle Studio - Similar
Skirt - Guess - Similar
Leggings - Guess - Similar
Boots - Guess - Similar

Sorry for the poor quality photo, but alas in the middle of the rain it was the best that I could get!  It is unfortunate that you can't seer the detail with the boots and the leggings.  Oh well!  Hmm... to describe it a bit.... the leggings have a leather strip running up the side of them and the boots come to a little bit above the knee.  I really like the boots.  They are the tallest pair that I own, and I really like them because they are super slim.  This is due to a side zip and a back zip as well.  Yummy!

Anywho.... I wore this outfit to go to the movies.  Jules and I finally saw Mockingjay Part 2.  We enjoyed it, if you are interested.    I am so funny when going to the movies though.  It shows a big difference between Jules and I.  I am the type who would prefer to be at the theater about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the show.  I don't need to be in the theater that early, but at least in the parking lot.  So I was stressing out as we pulled up for an 11:00 show, directly at 11:00.  I was internally flipping out! Jules though was totally calm, cool, and collected.  She said, don't worry, they always show lots of garbage before the actual movie begins.  And of course, she was totally right!  As it was we still sat through about five previews.  Anways..... we both enjoyed the film.

I know, a thrill a minute going on over here!  After the show we visited Sally's Beauty Supply.  Jules picked up hair dye while I tried to find hair clips that I actually like.  Unfortunately I need to find another location to find good clips!  Any advice from my lovely readers?

Okay... gotta run....

Love you!

Watch movies!

Love yourselves!

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