Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Outfit for a Museum

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This past weekend it was Jules' birthday and I took her to Santa Barbara for a little fun.  The idea began because one of our favorite bands, Pink Martini, was playing a show there.  It was pretty crazy trying to get there on time as we worked that morning and then hopped in the car and sped off down California to try and make the show.  Luckily we made it with time to spare and the show was awesome.  But, no, I did not get an opportunity to dress as a woman that night.

The above picture is from the next day.  Jules decided that she wanted to visit a couple of different museum and thus I chose something comfy and easy to walk in.  Most likely I have already shown this outfit here, or at least an outfit that is darn similar!  But I really like it.  It is nice and simple, easy to wear, and weather friendly.  The material is rather thin, thus it is not too hot, but not so thick that I can't wear a jacket over it if needed.

And of course, tennis shoes are practically a must if one is going museum hopping!  I so don't understand those folks who can wear heels all day long.  I was talking to one of my bosses yesterday about it actually.  She is so used to wearing heels that it actually hurts her feet to wear flat shoes.  Crazy!  Maybe if I had the desire to wear them all day everyday then my feet would be in the same position.  Oh and this boss I was discussing this with wears the cutest heels!  She had black platform pumps with a little bling of rhinestones on a strap that crossed her foot a bit like a Maryjane would.  Oh and yes she knows that I am transgender, and it was a completely comfortable conversation discussing ladies heels with her.  Funny, huh?

Life Updates:
- Still dealing with my dad's estate.  The house is still for sale and the ex is still most likely going to try and sue me for any personal property of my fathers that she thinks that I stole.  Lovely!
- My time is still stretched quite thin.  Especially with the new puppy back home.  Gosh, trying to be the Alpha Dog is tough! Especially while wearing heels!  Ha-Ha-Ha! Actually I think the heels helps me to feel more bad-ass!
- It is currently the middle of duck season and I have hardly gone at all!  Bummer for me and my freezer!
- What else????  Oh I feel like crap because often the last thing on my daily priority list is my poor blog!  Ugh!  I am so super bummed that I have not been able to keep up with my own expectations.  Alas, such is life.
- Oh and I also feel like crap because I have yet to respond to any of your lovely comments lately.  Such a total bummer!


Love you....

Thanks for being here.....

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