Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tend Skin vs. PFB Vanish


I have been shaving my body off and on pretty much since I started to develop body hair.  From about age eight to sixteen I was a year round competitive swimmer.  When you begin to get into the really competitive swim meets you are instructed by your coaches to shave your body.  It has been shown to reduce your time by maybe a few parts of a second.  Which in swimming can mean the world!

Anywho.... ever since I started shaving, I have been experiencing various shaving maladies.  From red little shaving bumps to full on nasty looking giant volcano sized in-grown hairs.  It has always been especially bad in three different areas.  1 - my inner thighs (possibly the worst area,) 2 - the back of my thighs, and 3 - from my pubic hair to my belly button.

Certain things will help, like shaving with the grain, only shaving like every three or so days, sloughing with a scrub while in the shower, but none of those things ever completely eliminated the problems I have been having.  And this covers about thirty years.

So... for the last six months or so, I have been trying a proactive approach.  It used to be that I would only deal with the red bumps or the in-growns once they arrived.  Now I am trying chemical warfare against them, prior to ever even getting them.

The two products I have tried are PFB-Vanish and Tend Skin.

I started with PFB-Vanish and found it to work wonderfully.  I apply it once a day to the three most affected areas on my body.  After a few weeks, the bumps and in-growns receded and never really redeveloped.  I also noticed that my skin was less prone to razor burn as well, I have begun to shave against the grain with very nice results.  I still do not shave every day, maybe at most a couple of times per week.  But if I ever do get any sign of in-growns, they are generally gone within a day or two and never develop into the volcanoes that I used to get.

PFB-Vanish can come in two sizes.  One of them is smaller and has a roller ball bottle from which you apply the solution.  The last time I ordered it I got the larger bottle that does not have the roller ball and I just pour a bit into my hands and rub it onto my legs and belly.

Several of my readers suggested that I try Tend Skin as it is generally more economical and a bit easier to apply as it is a thinner consistency than PFB-Vanish.  You apply Tend Skin to a cotton ball and then apply it to your body.  I only lasted about two weeks while testing it before I chose to switch back to PFB-Vannish.  I developed in-growns again and I was again developing issues with razor burn.  My wife however likes Tend Skin better than PFB-Vanish.  She tends to develop small bumps on her butt and Tend Skin applied nightly has totally removed them for her.

Both PFB-Vanish and Tend Skin have a very strong odor of rubbing alcohol.  While it is a bit strong, I do not mind the smell and it tends to disappear rather quickly.  Though I did once try the PFB-Vanish with Chromabrite and I hated the smell!  They must have included some sort of perfume in the formula and I did not like the smell at all.  It does not dissipate and it left me smelling as though I had applied perfume.

So..... in the end.... I will stick with PFB-Vanish and my wife will stick with Tend Skin.  What I see is that PFB-Vanish is a stronger formula, which is good for my thicker skin and Tend Skin is a weaker mix which is better for my wife's more delicate skin.

What about you?  Do you have other products you user to help relieve the irritation from shaving?  Please share, as I would love to give it a whirl and try it out!


Love you!

Love your skin!

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  1. I've used Tend Skin and it works okay but I'm going to try the one you suggested. My waxing person recommend Tu'el Skincare Clear It but I haven't tried it yet.