Friday, November 20, 2015

I Finally Figured it Out!

While driving up to Northern California to retrieve my puppy from hunt school it finally occurred to me why I am a cross dresser - the show Bosom Buddies conditioned me into believing that cross dressing was not only acceptable, it was actually fun!

Uhh..... yeah.... totally kidding folks!  But I did like that show.  I remember watching it and thinking it was funny, but never thinking, hmm..... I should try dressing up as a woman!  Nope, not once.

This thought over the past day or so has made me reflect again though on all of the various theories that people come up with to explain why a male born child would have female tendencies, likes, dislikes, etc.  (Or however you want to describe it!)

There were SO many things while growing up that one could point to and say, see, see, this is why you do it!  If you did not have this influence in your life then you would have grown up and become a "normal" man who enjoys "normal" male things.

If you:
- had a dad who cared more about you than he did his job
- didn't have to shave your legs for swim team
- didn't have an older sister who liked to play fun games with you
- didn't have a mother who was kind and caring and kept you safe
- weren't molested as a child
- did not have access to Barbies to play with as a child
- had better "boy" friends in your neighborhood
- did not have a girlfriend paint your fingernails when you were twelve
- ??????????????

If only I did not or did have ________ then, THEN I would have grown up to be normal!  So.... to all of you parents out there, protect your children.  Make sure that you only allow them access to the safe and recommended and appropriately gendered items for your son or daughter.  Otherwise then they may not grow up to be "normal."

But I doubt it.

I highly doubt that we have that much influence over our own internal biologic natures.

Besides, who wants to be "normal?"

Have you seen what "normal" looks like nowadays?


Love you!

Be abnormal!

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  1. Wheter as my regular every day male self or on those wonderful occasions when I get to present as a woman I always march to the beat of my own drummer. Like Popeye "I am what I am".

  2. I to am exploring my gender identity but not to sure where to start, might be a bit late for me at 26 but I've always been a little outside normal society (whatever that is) so what dose it matters what society thinks as long as your happy screw any one who doesn't make you happy

  3. This post really made me smile Nadine. Yay for being abnormal! :)

  4. Nadine, I used to love that show. Not because of cross dressing, I thought it was funny. I was already cross dressing by that time but not in the complete way that they did for the show. I didn't associate myself with that. Maybe it was denial maybe I was just obtuse? I grew up the quintessential boy life: sports and more sports. I did the typical male role stuff, cutting the grass, taking the garbage out, etc., etc. Both my parents loved me and told me so almost daily (Mom for sure was daily). My dad had time for me any time I wanted to play catch, basketball, tennis, homework help, you name it. My neighborhood was filled with males my age and we hind out all the time. I truly lived the Brady Bunch life and yet, I am a cross dresser. I think this just supports your theory, it's in us. We aren't trained into it or out of it.

    ps: I am deeply disturbed that any child is ever abused. It sickens me every time I read about such things. There isn't a hole deep enough and dark enough into which an abuser should be dropped and forgotten. I wish you thievery best

  5. normal is indeed boring Nadine! being yourself is much better....