Monday, November 30, 2015

An Outfit That Shows Off My Butt!

Top - Wrapper - Similar
Belt - Mossimo - Similar

First off, I hope you all had a wondrous Thanksgiving, if you actually celebrate that day!  Jules and I had a good day.  We stayed home and cooked all day long!  It is kind of crazy because we rarely have anyone over, but we always cook the entire meal just for the two of us.  So generally we cook all day, then stuff ourselves silly.  Isn't that what Thanksgiving is about?  Stuffing yourselves silly?

Anywho.... The day after Thanksgiving we had our good friends Vivian and Edward come over for dinner, game laying, and generally hanging out.  Since they were the ones who suggested that I buy Seven For All Mankind jeans, I thought I would show off my awesome skinny jeans for the two of them.  It is rare that I wear jeans with a top that actually shows off my bum enough, but on this occasion I did.  And if I say so myself, it looked cute!

This outfit really does show off how skinny I actually am.  With the skinny jeans and the tight fitting top that lands right at the top of the jeans, it really lets you clearly see my body.  I don't have the shapeliness that I would really prefer out of my body, but I do have a cute butt and it was clearly visible!  Are you getting the impression that folks could actually see my butt, and that I LIKED that?  Well good, because it is so!  I mean otherwise why wear such tight fitting jeans?  Isn't that the main purpose of jeans like that?  I think so!
For those who say I don't show my
eyes off enough!

I also like this top.  It is a favorite that I picked up and a 2nd hand store.  I really like it because it is quite different in it's asymetrical cut.  It is also black with white polka dots, which you know I love!  The other thing is that it has a nice V neckline that shows off my cleavage.

Hmm.... can you tell that I like to flirt a bit with my friends?  Well I do!  It is all in good fun and Jules totally approves.  Which is nice huh?  Yeah the four of us are quite comfortable with each other.  Which is super nice!

Okay.  Gotta run.

Love you!

Flirt more (with spousal approval!)


  1. How come we don't get to see the "rear" view?

    Clare B

  2. Yes you are a flirt and Vivian and I love it. No harm in a little flirtation among friends. The jeans definitely did their job. We had such a wonderful time as always.