Monday, November 23, 2015

A Summer Outfit

Sweater - 69th & Madison - Similar
Top - Guess - Similar
Skirt - H & M - Similar
Belt - WHBM - Similar
Shoes - ???? - Similar

This is an outfit that I wore some time back when it was actually hot out, but being as I never posted it up and I like it, I thought that I'd revisit it.

One of the things that I really like about this outfit is that it is one that I put together out of items that I have owned for awhile.  This may not sound like all that big of a deal for many, but for me it kind of is.  My wardrobe is finally at a point where to create new outfits I can pick and choose from a variety of items that I currently own and I actually like!

For a little bit now I have been wondering if one of the things that I enjoy about cross dressing is purchasing new things.  There is such a thrill in buying new items and trying them on that I was a little worried for a bit if I am just sort of addicted to shopping.  Many times I have bought something, worn it once, never revisited it again, and then gone out and bought new things.  That is not a very good pattern if one is wanting to not spend oodles of cash!

But.... as of the past year or so I have noticed that my desire to purchase new things has faded a bit and I am actually interested in wearing the clothes that I currently own! Wow, revelatory huh? Maybe not so much, but still kind of exciting to me.

Why you ask?  Well I think it is because I have finally gotten to a point that I actually own a wardrobe that I finally reflects a bit of my actual style.  Meaning, instead of just owning a bunch of items that I purchased in the female section of the store, I think my clothing currently actually reflects me, who I am, and my own personal sense of style!

So.... that's cool for me!

Love you!

Love your clothes.

Develop your own style!


  1. Love that skirt Nadine! The horizontal seams really do something for it.

  2. I try to do that.. but online sales really make it hard. ;-)

    Love this outfit! :)