Monday, November 2, 2015

A Couple of Dresses I Want

I really want to try out this dress but can't decide if I am going to commit and order it or not.  I am such a try-it-on person that I am often somewhat nervous about testing out internet purchases.  I know many TG folks that the only way they do any shopping is through online sources.  I suppose that personally I am a bit intimidated by online shopping as I don't like having to visit the UPS store for my returns.  I guess I am just lazy!

But seriously, the price of this dress is just begging me to go for it!  I also really like the low cut V in the front.  It looks seriously good for using my cleavage creation techniques with.  The other thing I really like about this dress are the lace arms.  Yay - something that covers my arms, but still gives me a bit of cooling; considering that they are lace.  Hmm.... Interesting.

I also really like this dress.  I am routinely drawn to lace doilies!  So often I pick up items in the store that have lace this way and Jules is always telling me that she does not like to look of grandma's doily.  Well, how about this one honey, it is all doilies!  To the point that it is even in the name of the dress.

Well regardless of Jules' opinion of the doily details, I still really like them.  I wonder if that is a MtF TG person's opinion of lace.  It is SO NOT male, it is almost the epitome of femaleness, at least for me, I wonder if that is what the large draw is.  Hmmm....

Anywho.... obviously I really like the lace throughout the dress, but I also really like the sleeve length.  And come on, that sale price of $23.95.  Hmm... I think I am going to need to whip out that credit card and get me some dresses today!

Okay lovelies, love you!

Love yourself!

Buy things on sale!

Be risky, buy things online!

Crazy talk!


  1. I love both dresses for the same reasons that you mentioned. The prices seem very fair. I suggest getting both.

  2. Gorgeous dress.. both of them! :)