Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wear it Better - Tank Top

Tank - Charlotte Russe - Similar
White/black/blue sweater - Michael Kors - Similar
Black Sweater - 89th & Madison - Similar
Belts - ???? - Similar
White Skirt - Iris Los Angeles - Similar
Black Skirt - H & M - Similar
Nude Wedges - Taryn - Similar
Black Pumps - Guess - Similar

This tank top is one of my all time favorite clothing items.  I got it a few years back while Jules and I were going to get some ramen noodles in Torrance, CA.  We pulled up to the small little shack with the Japanese food and ended up parking right in front of a second hand store.  After our lunch we were window shopping and the proprietor of the second hand store coaxed us into her shop.  It was  small place, but it had some really nice articles.  I SO wish I could remember what it was called and thus could give her a shout out, but alas my memory fails me yet again and all I remember was that it was in Torrance.

Anywho.... I picked out this tank, tried it on, and showed Jules.  She didn't think it would really work for me but I had a different opinion and obviously purchased it.  I think it goes wonderfully with many of my other items and besides it is my favorite, black and white!  Yay!  Love it!

Okay, to the outfits.  I personally like both of these outfits, but I think the tank works far better with the black skirt than the white one.  I think that having most of the outfit being black and only the tank being something different really makes it stand out much more.  With the white skirt, it could look good, but I think I would need to pair it with a different sweater.  The ombre sweater, which I adore, just detracts from the overall look of the tank and makes that outfit just look too busy.

But maybe my opinion is just a bit biased as the outfit in black has given me one of my favorite head shots:

Which is what I gave to Sally to post with my bio over at Already Pretty.  So maybe because I like that photo so much, I am inclined to pick that outfit as looking better.

Maybe you have a different opinion? Do you like one outfit more than the other?  Do you not like either outfit?  Maybe you hate the tank top entirely.  So remember, it is not about the overall outfit, just about how I wore this particular tank top.

Okay, let me know your thoughts!  I'd love to hear them!


Love you!


  1. I like the top in both pictures - it is a good piece - but I prefer it with the white skirt and the nude wedges. I suppose the sweater might not work as well, but the rest of the ensemble has nice lines.

    1. Thanks January! I do think the outfit with the white skirt has potential, just not as it is being worn in this photo.

  2. I really like this top with the black skirt, and I think you should wear that outfit this weekend! I agree that this top looks better with the totally black and white outfit. Hugs!😊

    1. Thanks sweetie. And I did wear it out this past weekend, but as you know I changed the top. I think the purple top with that skirt worked a bit better.

  3. I agree with Jules. I prefer it with the black skirt. It is a nice top.

    1. Thanks Pat! I do absolutely love this tank top. So simple, and flexible, and easy to wear with so much!