Friday, October 23, 2015

Super Shoes

Sweater - 69th & Madison - Similar
Tank - WHBM - Similar
Skirt - H&M - Similar (as shorts)

I built this outfit mainly around these shoes; which are totally awesome by the way!  While Jules and I and were driving to DSW she asked what I was looking for.  My answer was a pair of black heels that I could actually wear for the day, walk around in comfortably, and not get any blisters, or sore feet.  Thus in we walked into the store with a goal in mind.  Jules was totally awesome.  She pointed out a pair of heels, which happens to be the ones I am wearing, and while I began trying them on, she brought me pair after pair of various heels to try on.

It was quite the event, with boxes and boxes of different discarded heels piling up around me as I tried on pair after pair.  I began to feel a bit guilty.  I was opening lots of boxes, taking out perfectly packaged, never opened, never spoiled, wondrously beautiful pristine heels, and putting them aside after quickly determining that if they hurt while trying them on, then they would certainly be quite painful trying to survive all day in them.  I tried as best as I could to replace them all in their perfect little packages, but I know it was not as good as they were done originally.  But I put them back as best as I could, and stacked the boxes around me as neatly as possible for the sales associates to replace them on the shelves.

Eventually, after trying on about 20-30 pairs of gorgeous heels, I chose the very first pair I tried on, the ones pictured in these photos, and a second really cute pair of simple black suede heels.  I was super thrilled, and especially so as Jules also found a cool reversible belt for me marked down on clearance!  Awesome shopping trip!

And, the end result?  Heels that I can wear all day long!  Okay, well I maybe have not worn them all day long.  But I did wear them on a shopping trip when we went to Sephora, Costco, and out for lunch.  Thus there was a significant amount of walking and hanging out in them for the day.  In total, it was at least 8-10 hours in the shoes.  And my feet?  They felt totally fine! Not a hot spot, not a blister, not a single sore toe in the bunch!

Love those shoes!  Yay!

Buy happy shoes!

Have happy toes!

Love you!


  1. Well you are a lucky lady, Nadine.
    Being able to choose from so many shoes - I generally struggle to find any which are large enough, let alone comfortable. 8-)

  2. The shoes look very nice. When my wife finds a pair of shoes that are comfortable she will often buy a second identical pair for when the first pair wears out or fails. Of course with womens shoes you may be able to find the same shoe in a different color that also works.