Tuesday, September 29, 2015

White Tights

Tunic - WHBM - Similar
Belt - Mossimo - Similar
Tights - Target - Similar
Shoes - Fitzwell - Similar

On many occasions readers have suggested that I try a pair of pantyhose while wearing a certain outfit or two and while I have honestly considered the suggestion, I have yet to even try it.  But the white tights I am wearing in this outfit might be considered to be a close second?  Maybe?  I don't know!  But I do know that I like the look of them with this tunic.  But I will say that with the white tights and the Mary Jane like pumps, it does appear to be a bit "little girly."

Several of my tunics though are too short for me to feel quite comfortable while wearing them with nothing underneath them though.  And I feel that what I am wearing underneath them should be visible.  So, I like the tights, maybe I should try a different pair of shoes with this next time??  Oh and I don't know if you can really tell, but the belt has a white stretchy back portion to it, which plays off nicely from the tights as well.

I took a few shots of it as well without the belt, just for comparison purposes.  I think it looks much better with the belt.  Actually I think there are very few outfits that do not look better with a belt of some sort.  Jules although does not always agree with me.  She prefers many of her outfits to be without a belt and often thinks I should not wear one.  Interesting differences huh?

Oh well!  Such is life!

Again, I am still far too busy for one little person to deal with...... so....... I am loosing my shit people!!!!!!

Oh an interesting thing.  I determined the other day that I kind of wish their were some sort of words to accurately describe those of us existing in the middle.  I kind of don't like being referenced as a male or as a female.  Neither one really fits me.  And while there are words out there that some have invented to describe us, none of them are in popular usage enough that everyone understands them.  Ah life!!  Again, such is life!!

Okay, gotta run!

Love you!

Love yourselves!

Love belts!

(I love lamp!)


  1. I, for one, positively LOVE the tights, and the Mary-Jane-ish heels. I'm going to have to hobby up one like this for me!!! White is a very feminine color, in my opinion, and hence so is this wonderful ensemble.

    Alas, as one who also "exists in the middle," I have no special way to describe it (other than "difficult," at times). I remain grateful for every day I just plainly accept that, and me, and the moments of utter contentment I am blessed to enjoy... I wish those for all of us who also find ourselves in such a place....


    1. Thanks Annie! I am glad that you like the outfit so much, I really do as well the more I look at it!

  2. Well it's great that you can still find time to get dressed up and take some pix for us! But you know what? I'm going with Jules on this one, the version without the belt has a nicer 'flow'. I'm not sure about the white tights, but rather than changing the shoes, what about a splash of bright colour with the tights? Purple or pink, or maybe orange?

    1. Hmm.... colored tights? Interesting. It would certainly add something to the outfit. But you do know how I am about black and white, right? I am SO stuck on it!

      Thanks..... hmmm.... wait.... orange??? Now that could be interesting for sure!

  3. Love the entire outfit. I'm on your side with the belt. Your red nail polish really complements the look.
    You look very collegiate.

  4. To be honest I don't think I would have recognized you if this photo had shown up in a different context. Can lighting actually alter someone's appearance to make them a virtual stranger? Love the outfit.

    1. Hi Kati-

      Yes lighting can totally alter the look of a photo! It is so very surprising to me the levels to which a photo can change how I look depending on where I take it and under what conditions. It is quite surprising.

      Thanks for the comment!

  5. I love the white tights with that dress! I think that "girliness" is what makes white tights so great, and pairing them with mary janes (love those shoes, btw!) just shows you own that girliness. It's a good thing, honestly!

    The other suggestion, about coloured tights, would also look great with that dress.

    BTW tights are still pantyhose, they're just a higher denier of material.