Sunday, September 20, 2015

The End of the Trip

I know, I know, I used the above photo for my previous post on my trip, but it is a great start to this post as well, so, it is what it is.  This photo was taken in front of the Grant Park Best Western in Chicago upon Jules and I arriving there after our fun, but event-less trip to Wisconsin.  Basically after our long drive, we got into the hotel and crashed!  Jules though was so sweet, she got me a massage at a place right down from where we were staying.  I was a bit tuckered out so it was really nice!  And no, I did not dress as a woman, I changed to male mode.

Anywho... the next day we got up early and got out to see the city.  First I wondered around Grant Park on an early morning walk, in male mode.  And snapped these shots:

I returned to the hotel, where Jules was finally awake.  After changing, we went out and hit the city.  Our first stop was the Sky Deck.  If you are ever in Chicago, I highly recommend this attraction.  It was pretty cool.  We too other travelers advice and showed up early.  From the look of all of the robes and places to hold people, it looked as though we did it right, as there was hardly any wait for us at all.  I would say it took us maybe fifteen minutes at most to make it up to the top.

Well if you can make it out at all through this very crappy picture, here I am at the top of the tower, on the Sky Deck.  I am wearing my very thrilling outfit of jeans, tennis shoes, and my white Guess tunic.  Here is a much more thrilling shot from the Sky Deck:

We spent about a half an hour on top of the Sky Deck before we left and headed off to the Art Institute of Chicago.  Jules and I really like museums, they are a great place to be out while dressed as a woman.  Besides, one of Jules' favorite painting is housed there:

Here is a very thrilling shot of me perusing some art:

I was pondering the above figurines as they are Rodin's and they are so joyous, so totally not his style.  I was discussing this with my sister and she said that everything that he did that is somewhat happy was done by and apprentice.  Hmm.... I never knew that!

After our trip to the museum, we figured it was probably best to avoid much of the Chicago traffic and get ourselves to the airport for our flight.  It was an uneventful journey there and yes I took my second flight ever dressed as a woman.  The TSA did nothing extraordinary with me presenting as a woman, and very shortly after we we off on our way to Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately I did not get any photos of me on the plane to PA.  Oh well.  We arrived late into PA, and it took even longer to actually get our rental car and then drive to the hotel.  It was a super late night, and I am sure that I looked lovely at around 3am again!  Ugh!!

That night was to be my last dressed as a woman for most of the rest of the trip.  For those of you who have been reading my blog for a bit may know that my dad died back in January.  Well we finally got him buried where he requested, back in his home town of Coatsville, PA.  It was a lovely, and short service, exactly what he wanted!  So it was nice to get that done.

The best part of the trip was getting to visit with my sister.  We got to go back to the Amish country with her children and have them experience what she and I did when our parents took us out to PA.  Afterwards we drove up to my sister's place in upstate New York.  While my sister did, very nicely, ask if she would ever be able to meet Nadine, the occasion never did arise.  We did however get to visit Niagara Falls:

Our last flight, back to Vegas, was boring and done while presenting as a male.  But I got to spend some time in Vegas while dressed as a woman, which was nice.  My last trip photo of me as a woman was the following:

It was taken while driving back to California and having gotten back into the car after being blown all over the place by the powerful desert winds.  Overall I had a great time on my trip!  I highly recommend taking the risk and going for a flight while dressed as a woman.  It was very much worth the effort!

Love you!

Thanks for reading!

Love yourself!

Fly somewhere!


  1. Nadine,
    I too would encourage taking flights while dressed but I wouldn't suggest that it is taking a risk. A while back I wrote an entry on one of the chat board where I suggested that it was about the safest place to dress. First as you found out, the TSA is OK with us. For those that are unaware, the TSA actually has a page of information for transgender travelers with dos and don'ts. At the airport and on the plane, everyone is there to move us safely to our destinations. So someone giving us a hard time will not be tolerated. The flight crew has seen many things more interesting than a transgender passenger and just treat us a normal passengers. On top of that, you never know who you will sit next to. I have had some great conversations while dressed. My one fear though is having a young child sit next to me who wants to interact with me. Their uninhibited conversation might end up going somewhere their parents wouldn't want it to go.


    1. Hi Leann-

      What a great comment! I totally thought that when I wrote "risk." And I agree with your comments on the matter. I think what I was meaning when I wrote it, is that it is a mental risk. Not something that actually is a risk but that one might think is a risk.

    2. Definitely, some will perceive it to be a big risk when it is not. We need to keep getting the word out.