Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So Its a Funny Story . . . Dress

That title got your interest, huh? I'll get to that in a moment.

Nadine and I were going to the movies the day I decided to wear this dress. I love the color combinations of this dress (purple and blue greens )and how much it shows off my cleavage. (Yes, I am very proud of my boobs!) I think the empire waist is flattering. But the pleats below the empire waist are not my favorite. The top of the dress has thicker shoulder straps, and I think that is flattering on my slightly wider shoulders. Also, this dress is sooooo comfortable yet cute. I feel a little dressed up, and at the same time, comfy in my clothes. Granted, a few years ago, I did not feel as comfortable showing so much boob, but I have come to really appreciate my breasts and am wanting to show them off more.

Okay,  the story behind the dress. Nadine and I often go shopping together, so as per usual, we were in Target together looking for clothes. We both saw this dress, and again, as per usual, Nadine made up  her mind to pick it up before I did. I chastised myself for not being quicker on the draw. Nadine tried it on and decided she wanted it. I was, again, bummed I did not act more quickly. Nadine wore the dress a few times and then decided she didn't think the dress was flattering. Luckily for me, she was so generous and gave it to me. :) Woohoo!!

So thanks to Nadine, I get to have this dress for my own. One of the many benefits of being a woman married to a transgender man. :) Thank you, honey!!

One that note, I also got these earrings from Nadine. She has a nickel allergy and sometimes, the earrings she buys don't work out. The earrings are a bunch of spiky banana shaped pieces of metal and, I really like the look of them. They are kind of punk rocky. :)

Getting your spouses' hand me downs is just one of the wonderful benefits I get from having a husband who likes to present as a woman sometimes. I have been so blessed to be with someone who pushed themselves to be the best themselves they can be, which sometimes means getting rid of things that don't work for them, and then I get. :) :)

Love your life. 

Be the best you possible!



  1. Wonderful post.
    I work at trying to convince my wife of the benefits of being married to a CD. She had one occasion over the years to borrow a pair of my pantyhose. I have been the beneficiary of some of her makeup that didn't work...most recently a mascara in a shade of dark blue.
    I do think that she has learned to appreciate having me as both a husband and as an occisional girlfriend.

  2. Simply gorgeous! The dress looks great on you, and the earrings add a bit of an edge.


    1. Thank you! I also like the earrings and agree that they do add an edge to the outfit. Love the earrings!
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Im going thru gender identity and i fill very feminine all the time and im confused about my sexual orientation and i love to crossdress and im bisexual im going to meet with a therapist next week and part of me wants to get away from the feminine sissy side and part of me wants to become a she and get put on hormones and start to transition and become mtf but i got kids to think about and plus my wife said if i do she will leave me and divorce me and at one time she use to support me and buy me panties and bra's and cami's and nighties and eyeliners and do my eyebrows but not no more she says im gay if i want to dress girly and im not gay i think never been all the way with a guy but i do know i love to dress feminine and be girly advice please

    1. I will respond fully to this message in an upcoming post. Thanks for taking the time to write.