Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Comfy and Cool Outfit for Summer

Top - Lily White - Similar
Tank - Calvin Klein - Similar
Shorts - ???? (Totally forget!) - Similar
Shoes - Born-O-Concept - Similar

I really like the simplicity of this outfit.  It is super comfy, and super cool.  That is so especially helpful in these wonderful central California heat!  Whoo! It can get hot out here.  And for those of you who say that it is a dry heat, not always.  It can often get quite humid around here.  Okay, not anywhere near what it was like in Pennsylvania this summer, but still, it is not always a dry heat.

So I really like this top as it has my favorite arm length, 3/4 sleeve.  It is also lace on the front, but regular cotton fabric panels on the side.  That makes it super stretchy and comfy.  Often lace is not a stretchy fabric and thus it can be a bit tight to wear.  But not this top.  It is super comfy.

I paired it with a white and blue tye-dyed type of tank.  I like the look as you can clearly see the blue spots showing through the lace.  It gives it a bit of extra punch!

The other thing that I like about this outfit is that I paired it all with my dark pearl necklace.  I totally have a thing for pearls.  I love them!  I really like this dark pearl necklace, but I do not often wear it as it is more a choker style.  Those types of necklaces can make a larger looking neck even larger appearing.  Which is kind of a bummer.  But with the neckline of this top coming up so high, it makes it so that I can wear choker style necklaces and they do not make my neck look huge!  Pretty cool huh?  Yeah I think so.

Okay, love you!

Love yourself!


  1. Replies
    1. You are always so nice and complementary! Thanks!

    2. awww, shucks, little lady! thanks! you made me smile and blush all at once! and you are absolutely most welcome! giving compliments to such a beautiful and nice lady like you is definitely worth it, especially when you appreciate it! :)

  2. So kool!!!.. Love the look, especially of the tank top color seeking it's way thru the lace top. Always beautiful.
    Enjoyed your travel blog to Wisconsin too. Wish there could have been more pictures of you and outfits. Also wish I had known that you were here. We might have been able to meet. Someday perhaps..

    1. Thanks Lisa. I will travel back to that area one day as I really enjoyed my time out there in that beautiful state!