Monday, August 24, 2015

Wine Tasting Outfit

Top - Guess - Similar
Shoes - New York Transit - Similar

I wore this outfit while Jules and I were out travelling a bit around California.  We were headed home on this day and chose to stop into a few wineries in Paso Robles for a bit of wine tasting.  In fact if you look closely you might see a bit of an embellishment on my top.  It is a star from Tobin James Winery.  Whenever you go to Tobin's they will give you a little fabric star.  It is customary that you apply the star to something, and thus then walk around and advertise that you have been drinking wine at Tobin James!  Too funny.

With this outfit, I really like the top.  I have had it for quite a bit, but have always been self conscious of the arms.  With the cap sleeves, they don't really do much at all to hide my bulky arms.  But I am slowly, every so slowly, getting over the arm issue.  Other than the arms, I like the top, as it is black and white, and it is also super light and airy.  Thus it is perfect for this wondrous central Cal weather!

Other than that, I also really like this super simple American Apparel skirt,  All it is, is a simple swath of fabric, with a slight slit up the back.  There is no structure to it, to embellishments; super simple and easy.

At Tobin James
Btw, if you have never been wine tasting, I highly recommend it.  It is a large part of why I like wine.  Really before I went wine tasting, I didn't really like wine very much at all.  But now Jules and I quite enjoy it.  Oh and an insider tip, if you do go wine tasting, then bring along a light portable cooler that you can put some salami, cheese, crackers, and napkins into it.  Then when you go in to wine taste, politely ask if they would mind if you bring out your snacks and eat them while tasting the wine.  Pairing wine and food works so much better to help assist with determining if you actually like what you are drinking.

Love you!

Drink wine!

Love yourself!


  1. I have enjoyed doing the upstate NY wine tasting tours. Hitting one winery after another is fun but you have to watch how much you are tasting. One day I would like to do it in a skirt and top like those you are wearing. Perhaps tonight I may head home and put on an outfit similar to the one you are wearing and uncork a bottle and sit out on the deck.

    1. I was able to taste some wines once while in NY. I don't remember where it was. I thought maybe somewhere out on Long Island, but are there even wineries out that way?

      It is fun tasting while dressed, but it is a bit unnerving sometimes as there are often very close and frequent encounters with others. Everyone has always been super nice, but it was difficult at first to just relax and speak to the muggles like a normal person!

  2. Lovely as always, and I think your arms are fine (in case you were wondering!). They look entirely feminine to me.