Monday, August 10, 2015

Outfit with a White Skirt

Sweater - Michael Kors - Similar
Tank - Charlotte Russe - Similar
Skirt - Iris Los Angeles - Similar
Shoes - Taryn - Similar 

I totally forget what I wore this outfit for specifically.  I know I wore it when I took the photos for showing how I do contouring, but I actually went out and did something on this day and I have no idea what it was!  How funny!

Anywho.... I like this outfit.  Although I am still trying to figure out how best to wear this sweater.  I love the colors fully!  But I am not very comfortable with open draped cardigans.  With them hanging down so low they tend to make outfits look overly bulky.  But I think that with the white skirt and the dark colors of the sweater contrasting so well that it allows for the sweater to be very distinct.  With a darker color bottom it would blend together with the sweater and make the whole outfit look like a giant blob!

So.... that's good, that I don't think I look like a giant blob!  There is that!

I also like the white skirt.  It is my style, super tight.  And about the length that I prefer; hitting me at about the knee.  Also, it only cost me $10.99.  I acquired it from a store called Papaya.  I like to stop in and peruse that store because it has so many clothes!  Well, to be honest, I have only been in one of them, at the Livermore Outlets.  And that particular store is packed full!  The vast majority of items are not of super high quality, but at the prices they are sold for, I don't really care.

Something you can't tell from my photos is that I am wearing a compression undergarment.  Because the skirt is white, I choose to wear nude colored undergarments.  Even if you wear white underwear, with white on top, you can totally tell, the best combo with white, is nude underneath!  Just a little tip for you all.

Love you!

Love yourself!