Monday, August 31, 2015

Outfit for A Party

Dress - WHBM - Similar
Sweater - 29th & Madison - Similar
Shoes - Taryn - Similar
Necklace - Target - Similar

For the first time ever, I was invited to a party with other transgender women and this is what I chose to wear.  Mostly because it is one of my all time favorite dresses!  I absolutely love how this dress fits me, and the conveniences that I am afforded with it as well.

Firstly, the fit.  This dress has a side zipper to it, so I can actually zip it up myself!  But also, that is what helps it fit so nicely.  The fabric does not stretch at all, but with the side zipper in it, it snugs up nicely to the smallest part of my waist.  Which I love.

The other thing about this dress is that it flares out, with the pleating, so that I am able to wear just regular underwear.  Which means that I do not have to do any special tucking.  And if you have read my blog for any length of time, you will know that I hate to have to do that.  So much so that I rarely if ever will do such a thing to myself!

Anywho... Jules and I went to the party, in the hills of Carmel and had a thrilling time!  We have never been to that area, and it is gorgeous.  The view was spectacular, but the people there were even better.  It was so nice to be able to just hang out with others who share this wondrous gender variance thing that so many of us experience.  For once, while at a gathering of other humans, I did not feel like the alien in the room.  And that was just awesome.

Jules and I had a great time hanging out, drinking wine, eating great food, and chatting with everyone there.  Some were in different places than I am, as some have transitioned, and some were more along the lines of a cross dresser.  It was interesting listening and talking to everyone and each of us trying to assess where the others were at along the gender spectrum.  Fascinating stuff actually!

And oh, btw, I have been SO overloaded lately that I think I am loosing my shit!  Ahhhh!!!  I have SO much to do that evry single day that goes by all that happens is that I get further and further behind!  Ahhhh, the black hole abyss that is my life!!!

Oh well, eventually I will catch up and be on top of everything, right?


Love you!

Love yourself!

Go to more parties!


  1. Nadine I think your outfit looks great. Really love the dress. And yes you will catch up and be back on top.
    Hugs Charlene.

    1. I SO hope that I will catch up. Maybe!!! But not yet!

      Thanks Charlene!

  2. Hi Nadine,
    Meeting other TG folk is scary the first time, but very worthwhile.
    Glad to read that you had a good time!