Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Outfit for 100 Degrees!

Tank - Calvin Klein
Pants - Papaya - Similar
Shoes - G by Guess - Similar
Belt - Mossimo - Similar

It was predicted to be a bit cooler of a day; only 100 degrees!  But hey, it is a dry heat!  Hah!  Try that in a wig that basically amounts to the same thing as a fleece cap.  Gosh.  Anywho.... I obviously chose this outfit to help combat the effects of a pretty warm day.

I really enjoyed the cooling aspects of this look.  I don't know if I have ever worn just a tank top while out before.  In general, tanks don't do my body shape any benefits.  While I agree that I am in pretty good shape, I do not possess the body shape I would like to have.  I would love to have a nice curve in to my waist, giving me a little curve, I would probably even be happy to just have a totally flat stomach.  Thus in this outfit, with this tight of a tank, I am not happy with it showing the tiny little belly pooch and the bit of extra above my hips, with that ever so tiny flat tire effect.

Isn't that just a bit crazy?  What was Jules' comment about my outfit?  That it was an outfit for skinny people.  And what is going on in my mind?  My insecurities about areas that I think aren't skinny enough.  Hmmm.................

Okay... enough of that!

I really like these pants.  They are a totally new thing to me.  I don't have anything else like them.  They are super light weight and a pleasure to wear.  I like the flare at the bottom that really spreads out while walking.  It is kind of neat that at times they appear as a dress, but have the convenience of pants.  Like at the nail salon I was able to just role them up.  Super convenient.  Jules said that she like how they made my butt look.  But I think that has more to do with the Spanx I have on.

The thing about this outfit, as with many summer outfits, is that really is not much to it.  There is not much fabric to help obscure things, or change things, or emphasize things.  Thus, my arms are out, my torso is clearly shown, and my lack of hips are utterly obvious.  But I felt cute.  And it was the perfect outfit for the weather.

Watch out for that heat!

But still get out there!


  1. This time of year is just too hot and sunny for me. I don't go out much at all in any mode, and try to get any necessary outings done as early as possible.
    Wigs make my head hot, breastforms make my chest hot, and sweat makes my makeup run. No fun.
    Your outfit at least looks comfy and nice.


    1. Hi Dara-

      I know you understand the difficulties with this heat!

      The outfit was super comfy!

  2. Nadine you always look great. The pants are really cute and Jules is right about your toosh.
    We all could use some help with our shape. Lucky me I have no hips or waist!
    Thanks for all of your posts they have helped me withy journey. Charlene

    1. Thanks Charlene! How sweet of you to say I have helped with your journey! I am so happy about that.

      Thanks for the complements!