Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My First Flight - cancelled

I fretted and fretted and in the end, possibly just that very day, Jules and I left our house, with me dressed as a woman heading off to catch our first of six planes.  Above I am pictured sitting in the airport waiting to board our plane.  I think I look completely elated because I am!  At this point in the journey we were in the airport and past security!

While I have been out many, many, many times while dressed as a woman, each new situation is an absolutely terrifying affair.  Thus I was freaking out about going through security.  I was flying out of Fresno, which is a pretty small town airport.  Plus it has been at least ten years since I have flown anywhere.  But obviously, being dressed as a woman, and going through TSA, which I take very seriously, made me almost petrified!

In the end, I made sure to double check that all of my luggage was in order and that I had on an easy outfit, shorts, a tunic, and tennis shoes.  I walked up to the TSA agent, just like any other normal person, presented my ID and boarding pass, smiled, and waited.  He looked at my papers, and at me.  I smiled again.  He looked at my ID and signed off.  While handing my papers back to me, he just sort of shook his head and muttered "bless your heart."

I was on and past him!  Woo-hoo!!  Yay!  I prepared all of my stuff to go through the x-ray machine and prepared to go through the body scan.  Jules was ahead of me and while standing on the other side waiting for her scan to clear, she watched as a TSA agent came up to the lady performing the scan.  He stated to her, "that blond is a guy!"  She didn't flinch and just waved me into the machine.  She asked me to step out, asked if it was okay to pat me in a couple of places on my back, cleared me and I was off to gather my things.

Absolutely elated, Jules and I walked off to find our gate. Which is where the above picture was taken.  Our flight ended up being delayed, but I hardly noticed the time at all.  I was just giddy.  Eventually we boarded the plane.  Where I snapped this shot:

I was so thrilled to actually be on a plane and waiting for my first flight while dressed as a woman.  Unfortunately our flight was delayed again.  I still had faith that everything would be okay, up until the point at which they stated the flight had been cancelled.  They also were not going to reschedule the flight until the next morning!  Ugh!  SO much for small town airports.

Because we had our next flight scheduled to leave from Las Vegas at 8 the next morning, there was only one thing left to do, and that was to drive there.  Further unfortunate pitfalls befell me as I noticed that while on the no defunct plane, my purse got chocolate on it and it got smeared onto my dry clean only white tunic.  Ugh!  Flying!

After getting back our luggage we hopped into the car and began our drive.  We began our overnight drive at 8pm.  It took us about 7 hours but amazingly we were able to get to Vegas with a few hours to spare.  Being as Jules had already reserved our hotel room, we thought it best to at least stop in, take a shower, and change our clothes.

I am sure that I looked lovely at 3am walking up to the hotel registration line.  Which if you don't know about Vegas, there is often a line.  We waited for about a half hour before we were checked in and on our way to our room.

The first flight of our trip, and the first flight for me dressed as a woman, had been cancelled.  Lucky for me, while I did not get any sleep that night, I did get a shower, a shave, a change of clothes, and another opportunity.

Love you!


  1. Hi nadine,
    Yup, flying really sucks, but t least you got some entertainment out of it.
    The only trip I am likely to make is transatlantic, which is just too long for ever going dressed. Which is a pity.
    Jules must be a treasure to travel with you like that. I hope the cancelled flight has not put her off letting you do it again sometime!
    All the best,

    1. Hi Penny, thanks for writing! Yes I was certainly entertained while waiting for my flight. It made the whole experience far better than it would have been otherwise.

      Yeah, I am quite impressed with my wife, she is so sweet.


  2. Boy Nadine you certainly had an interesting day. From your pictures you looked really happy and very at ease. Having been to Las Vegas a few times myself I believe that waiting to check in to a hotel is sometimes worse than going through an airport. Hope the rest of your trip goes well.
    Have fun Charlene.

    1. Thanks Charlene! I appreciate the complements! And yes, those hotel lines suck! Especially always having to face them after generally long trips.

  3. There are some unexpected occurrences that may cause delay in flights. I'm glad you are still able to look into the brighter side of things in spite of the inconveniences. Wishing you happier and more convenient trips next time! :)