Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My First Flight - Actual

When I last wrote about my trip back east, I had left off with us driving into Vegas, quite unexpectedly at around 3am!  Yikes!  Once we had actually gotten into our hotel room, I had a decision to make, try again for a flight while dressed as a woman, or forget about it for now.  We only had about two or three hours to spend in our room before we had to be packed up and on our way to McCarran airport in Vegas.  Hmm..... decisions, decisions!

Well from the photo above taken a few hours later at the airport, obviously you can tell what my choice was.  Yup!  I showered, shaved, and got dressed back up again.  Nope, being awake for over 24 hours, a cancelled flight, and an overnight 7 hour drive were not going to dissuade me!

So on this day I walked through the airport, all dressed up, though in something fairly simple, shorts, a light blouse, and a bolero sweater.  I checked in my luggage and headed off to TSA screening.  Being as it was only my second time ever, I was still a bit freaked out over the whole experience.  But I just acted like this was totally normal and I had done it hundreds of times.  I simply handed the TSA agent my license and my boarding pass.  They looked at it a few times, signed off on it, and waved me through.  I went through the full body scanner, had the nice lady ask me if she could pat me down a bit.  I of course said yes, and she proceeded to pat down my bra area on my back and on my sides.  She asked, what is that, and then said, oh that is your bra.  Then she was done and I was off to gather my items, with a giant grin on my face.  Which I still obviously had while sitting in the airport and awaiting my flight, as evidenced from the picture above.

This time, it was a short wait in the airport and then we boarded the plane.  I was absolutely giddy with excitement as I took my seat and prepared to fly off to Chicago while dressed as a woman.  I have no idea what was so thrilling about the experience for me.  It wasn't that I felt more real, or more true, or more of myself.  It was more along the lines of it was something that I thought I would never be allowed to do.  In the end, I determined that much as with everything else, the only person telling me that I couldn't do it was myself.  Nobody else even cared.

Fairly shortly after boarding, the plane taxied down the runway and before I knew it, we were off and flying through the air!  At some point in the experience I snapped the photo placed in the middle of this post.  Thus even though I was exhausted, I was obviously exhilarated by the experience.

Jules and I landed in Chicago, got our rental car, and were off headed toward Kenosha, Wisconsin.  But we got an ominous warning from the rental car guy.  He was super nice and polite and didn't flinch at all with the difference between my appearance and my male ID.  But after he found out that we were headed to central Wisconsin, he advised that the folks living in Wisconsin were not as friendly and understanding as there in Chicago.

On the roadside in Illinois
I thanked him for the advise and drove off, heading for the unknown lands of central Wisconsin!  Ooohhh sounds scary and super frightening!  Apparently those folks in central WI are not quite as open minded as those in Chicago.  Yet again, people saying, hey I am open minded, but those people over there, they will persecute you, so watch out!

So, keep that in mind.

Watch out for those 'other' people.

They are scary.

They have been known to bite.

And you certainly don't want rabies do you???

Love you!

Stay away from rabies!

It rots the brain!

Love yourself!


  1. well good on you Nadine! life aint so scary after all is it? keep on pushing that envelope and make yourself happy! and yes do watch out for the "other people" lol..... Joanna

    1. Thanks Joanna! Yeah, life really isn't so scary.

  2. Well, do tell!

    1. I eventually will get it all out Clare. The problem is that I am just so darn long winded, it is taking for ever! Thanks!