Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Blocky Dress But Great Cleavage

Dress - Guess - Similar
Shoes - ??? (Sorry I forgot!) - Similar

I have had this dress for quite some time and I enjoy wearing it, but I am not so sure that it does much for me.  It is quite a bit of contradictions for me actually.  I really like that it is short.  I like that it has a deep V-neck.  I also like that it has stretchy fabric right at the skinniest point of my waist.  And on hot days, like this day was, I really like how light and flowy it is.

So then... what is it that I don't like about it?  Well it is kind of what I personally call a sack dress.  Now, I know that there are officially items that are truly sack dresses, and I don't know if this dress officially fits into that category, but it is what I personally reference this dress as.  Why?  Well it is sort of a large rectangle of fabric, and that is about it.

Okay, so it is pretty cool that a simple, no structure, rectangle of a dress can help give me the illusion of some curves.  I do like that aspect, but from certain angles, it looks super blocky!

Oh and another thing that I do not think works very well for me is the size of the fabric that goes over my shoulders.  At first I thought that with it being a wider piece of fabric that it would help hide the size of my arms, but I think that with the larger size of fabric that it actually makes my arms look bigger than other items I wear.

Hmm..... yet again, with another piece of clothing, do I actually like it or not?  Life's ponderables.  Interesting.

What about you?  What do you think?  Am I just over thinking things like I often do?  I mean, come on, that is some impressive cleavage that this dress allows me to show off a bit.  Maybe I should just focus on that.  It shows some boobage, and a bit of tasteful boobage is never a bad thing, huh?


Love you!

Enjoy boobs.

Cause they are fun!

Well, maybe just to me,

Seriously, I still can't believe that I can create this look with no actual boobs.

Okay, enough!


(One more thing - I just googled sack dresses, and this dress is clearly not that, so I need to rethink how I reference this dress!)


  1. It's a really cute dress and, coming from someone else with arm issues ;) -- I think the shoulder material is just perfect.


  2. Hi Nadine. I love the dress and think it is very flattering. The length is perfect. The way the stretchy material gathers around your waist gives you a very nice shape. The length and shape along with your shoes really make your legs look nice. I see no problem at all with your arms. The cleavage is beautifull and looks perfectly normal. As always your smile gives you a look of confidence.
    Cute dress.

    1. Hi Charlene-

      Thanks for the thoughts on the dress and my smile!

  3. Looks very are way too critical.

    1. Thanks Clare. Yeah, I often think I am WAY too critical as well.

  4. I think it's nice, and I just wish I could fill it like that.I like the way it's gathered under the bust.

    1. Thanks Susie-

      Perfecting my cleavage has been a many year trial and effort art form! And I am pretty happy with my current results!