Monday, August 31, 2015

Outfit for A Party

Dress - WHBM - Similar
Sweater - 29th & Madison - Similar
Shoes - Taryn - Similar
Necklace - Target - Similar

For the first time ever, I was invited to a party with other transgender women and this is what I chose to wear.  Mostly because it is one of my all time favorite dresses!  I absolutely love how this dress fits me, and the conveniences that I am afforded with it as well.

Firstly, the fit.  This dress has a side zipper to it, so I can actually zip it up myself!  But also, that is what helps it fit so nicely.  The fabric does not stretch at all, but with the side zipper in it, it snugs up nicely to the smallest part of my waist.  Which I love.

The other thing about this dress is that it flares out, with the pleating, so that I am able to wear just regular underwear.  Which means that I do not have to do any special tucking.  And if you have read my blog for any length of time, you will know that I hate to have to do that.  So much so that I rarely if ever will do such a thing to myself!

Anywho... Jules and I went to the party, in the hills of Carmel and had a thrilling time!  We have never been to that area, and it is gorgeous.  The view was spectacular, but the people there were even better.  It was so nice to be able to just hang out with others who share this wondrous gender variance thing that so many of us experience.  For once, while at a gathering of other humans, I did not feel like the alien in the room.  And that was just awesome.

Jules and I had a great time hanging out, drinking wine, eating great food, and chatting with everyone there.  Some were in different places than I am, as some have transitioned, and some were more along the lines of a cross dresser.  It was interesting listening and talking to everyone and each of us trying to assess where the others were at along the gender spectrum.  Fascinating stuff actually!

And oh, btw, I have been SO overloaded lately that I think I am loosing my shit!  Ahhhh!!!  I have SO much to do that evry single day that goes by all that happens is that I get further and further behind!  Ahhhh, the black hole abyss that is my life!!!

Oh well, eventually I will catch up and be on top of everything, right?


Love you!

Love yourself!

Go to more parties!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My First Flight - Actual

When I last wrote about my trip back east, I had left off with us driving into Vegas, quite unexpectedly at around 3am!  Yikes!  Once we had actually gotten into our hotel room, I had a decision to make, try again for a flight while dressed as a woman, or forget about it for now.  We only had about two or three hours to spend in our room before we had to be packed up and on our way to McCarran airport in Vegas.  Hmm..... decisions, decisions!

Well from the photo above taken a few hours later at the airport, obviously you can tell what my choice was.  Yup!  I showered, shaved, and got dressed back up again.  Nope, being awake for over 24 hours, a cancelled flight, and an overnight 7 hour drive were not going to dissuade me!

So on this day I walked through the airport, all dressed up, though in something fairly simple, shorts, a light blouse, and a bolero sweater.  I checked in my luggage and headed off to TSA screening.  Being as it was only my second time ever, I was still a bit freaked out over the whole experience.  But I just acted like this was totally normal and I had done it hundreds of times.  I simply handed the TSA agent my license and my boarding pass.  They looked at it a few times, signed off on it, and waved me through.  I went through the full body scanner, had the nice lady ask me if she could pat me down a bit.  I of course said yes, and she proceeded to pat down my bra area on my back and on my sides.  She asked, what is that, and then said, oh that is your bra.  Then she was done and I was off to gather my items, with a giant grin on my face.  Which I still obviously had while sitting in the airport and awaiting my flight, as evidenced from the picture above.

This time, it was a short wait in the airport and then we boarded the plane.  I was absolutely giddy with excitement as I took my seat and prepared to fly off to Chicago while dressed as a woman.  I have no idea what was so thrilling about the experience for me.  It wasn't that I felt more real, or more true, or more of myself.  It was more along the lines of it was something that I thought I would never be allowed to do.  In the end, I determined that much as with everything else, the only person telling me that I couldn't do it was myself.  Nobody else even cared.

Fairly shortly after boarding, the plane taxied down the runway and before I knew it, we were off and flying through the air!  At some point in the experience I snapped the photo placed in the middle of this post.  Thus even though I was exhausted, I was obviously exhilarated by the experience.

Jules and I landed in Chicago, got our rental car, and were off headed toward Kenosha, Wisconsin.  But we got an ominous warning from the rental car guy.  He was super nice and polite and didn't flinch at all with the difference between my appearance and my male ID.  But after he found out that we were headed to central Wisconsin, he advised that the folks living in Wisconsin were not as friendly and understanding as there in Chicago.

On the roadside in Illinois
I thanked him for the advise and drove off, heading for the unknown lands of central Wisconsin!  Ooohhh sounds scary and super frightening!  Apparently those folks in central WI are not quite as open minded as those in Chicago.  Yet again, people saying, hey I am open minded, but those people over there, they will persecute you, so watch out!

So, keep that in mind.

Watch out for those 'other' people.

They are scary.

They have been known to bite.

And you certainly don't want rabies do you???

Love you!

Stay away from rabies!

It rots the brain!

Love yourself!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Wine Tasting Outfit

Top - Guess - Similar
Shoes - New York Transit - Similar

I wore this outfit while Jules and I were out travelling a bit around California.  We were headed home on this day and chose to stop into a few wineries in Paso Robles for a bit of wine tasting.  In fact if you look closely you might see a bit of an embellishment on my top.  It is a star from Tobin James Winery.  Whenever you go to Tobin's they will give you a little fabric star.  It is customary that you apply the star to something, and thus then walk around and advertise that you have been drinking wine at Tobin James!  Too funny.

With this outfit, I really like the top.  I have had it for quite a bit, but have always been self conscious of the arms.  With the cap sleeves, they don't really do much at all to hide my bulky arms.  But I am slowly, every so slowly, getting over the arm issue.  Other than the arms, I like the top, as it is black and white, and it is also super light and airy.  Thus it is perfect for this wondrous central Cal weather!

Other than that, I also really like this super simple American Apparel skirt,  All it is, is a simple swath of fabric, with a slight slit up the back.  There is no structure to it, to embellishments; super simple and easy.

At Tobin James
Btw, if you have never been wine tasting, I highly recommend it.  It is a large part of why I like wine.  Really before I went wine tasting, I didn't really like wine very much at all.  But now Jules and I quite enjoy it.  Oh and an insider tip, if you do go wine tasting, then bring along a light portable cooler that you can put some salami, cheese, crackers, and napkins into it.  Then when you go in to wine taste, politely ask if they would mind if you bring out your snacks and eat them while tasting the wine.  Pairing wine and food works so much better to help assist with determining if you actually like what you are drinking.

Love you!

Drink wine!

Love yourself!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Bra Speriment - Results

It has been some time since I published my first post on my bra wearing experiment and the update to that, but I never returned to it to let you know how things panned out with it all.  Being as it has been quite a bit since I wrote those posts, I thought I would give a bit of a recap of what my bra speriment has been all about.

For a year or two, or possibly more, I have been pondering the use of hormones to help settle some of my anxiety.  My wife and I have been considering if using a light dosage of hormones might help with my mental stability, for lack of a better phrase.  As in maybe it might help me to feel a bit better and less out of touch with my own body and possibly feel more satisfied overall.

While I am very open to the potential mental effects of taking some female hormones, I am highly concerned with any potential physical side effects.  Certain ones, like fat redistribution I am more open to; I think I would like a bit more of a booty than my minuscule, barely there tush!  Of course Jules might beg to differ as she thinks I have an extremely cute butt.  Other physical effects, like loss of upper body strength, would really concern me as I am a work-aholic! Especially when it comes to work around the house, like digging trenches and putting in fence posts and splitting large rounds of oak, etc.  But I am sure that I could find easy workarounds to those issues.

One concern that I just don't really know if I could deal with, is the potential for breast development.  Yeah, okay, sure, some part of me would really enjoy having my own, actual, natural breasts, but the biggest problem with that is that I am not interested in transitioning.

Thus the bra speriment was begun.  Which was, instead of taking hormones and potentially developing breasts and then figuring out if I could live my regular, everyday, male, life, why not try and wear a bra, in my everyday regular male life and see if I could live with that.  That way, if that is not something that I want to continue to do, then I could just take the bra off, instead of needing a mastectomy

That was the plan and thus I began wearing bras throughout my daily life, with one caveat, I happened to also be on vacation so I wouldn't have to wear them to work.  But I wore them pretty much everywhere else: my morning walk around my neighborhood with my dog, while talking with the neighbors in a tank top, to the grocery store, the hardware store, etc.

There were easy times and hard times.  Times I felt fantastic, and times I felt embarrassed.  Plenty of times, I saw my reflection in a window, or a mirror and I was thrilled at my shape.  But many morning, I wanted nothing more than to not have to have the appearance of breasts that day.  I pushed myself to do it, all day every day, but there were times when I chose to take it off.

That was a huge tell to me, proving the importance of performing the experiment.  And really, showing me the true results of the experiment, I don't want boobs that I can't take off.

Which feels a bit sad to me.

Sometimes it is a bit of a weird feeling being in the middle.  Part of me is sad that I really don't want actual boobs, but part of me is really happy about it!  Part of me wants boobs and part of me really does NOT want boobs.  So weird.  So weird that it doesn't really seem to change.  Maybe I might have an easier time if the feeling came one day, and just grew and grew and grew until eventually I decide to transition.  But that is not me.  I am in the middle.  Sometimes it ebbs and flows. But mostly it hovers around the middle.


I like bras.

Love you!

Photo credits:

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Blocky Dress But Great Cleavage

Dress - Guess - Similar
Shoes - ??? (Sorry I forgot!) - Similar

I have had this dress for quite some time and I enjoy wearing it, but I am not so sure that it does much for me.  It is quite a bit of contradictions for me actually.  I really like that it is short.  I like that it has a deep V-neck.  I also like that it has stretchy fabric right at the skinniest point of my waist.  And on hot days, like this day was, I really like how light and flowy it is.

So then... what is it that I don't like about it?  Well it is kind of what I personally call a sack dress.  Now, I know that there are officially items that are truly sack dresses, and I don't know if this dress officially fits into that category, but it is what I personally reference this dress as.  Why?  Well it is sort of a large rectangle of fabric, and that is about it.

Okay, so it is pretty cool that a simple, no structure, rectangle of a dress can help give me the illusion of some curves.  I do like that aspect, but from certain angles, it looks super blocky!

Oh and another thing that I do not think works very well for me is the size of the fabric that goes over my shoulders.  At first I thought that with it being a wider piece of fabric that it would help hide the size of my arms, but I think that with the larger size of fabric that it actually makes my arms look bigger than other items I wear.

Hmm..... yet again, with another piece of clothing, do I actually like it or not?  Life's ponderables.  Interesting.

What about you?  What do you think?  Am I just over thinking things like I often do?  I mean, come on, that is some impressive cleavage that this dress allows me to show off a bit.  Maybe I should just focus on that.  It shows some boobage, and a bit of tasteful boobage is never a bad thing, huh?


Love you!

Enjoy boobs.

Cause they are fun!

Well, maybe just to me,

Seriously, I still can't believe that I can create this look with no actual boobs.

Okay, enough!


(One more thing - I just googled sack dresses, and this dress is clearly not that, so I need to rethink how I reference this dress!)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Thanks for the Thought

Since I have begun coming out to people I have observed an interesting phenomena occurring with some of them.  This thing that I have observed does not take away from what I consider to be super  nice responses from everyone I have ever told and I have really been touched by all of them.  What I have seen is a protectiveness from them towards me.  Which is also super sweet that they would care about me.  But I think their caring comes out in an interesting way.

One of the early incidents that I can remember, I was in the process of telling a couple about me being transgender.  I wrote the description up here.  The thing I thought was interesting when they asked me about telling our other friend and stated that maybe it would not go so well.

When I did actually tell my other friend, he was totally fine with it.  But he was actually worried about what would happen if I told the original couple!  

The second time that I can distinctly remember is when Jules and I were recently visiting a couple we are close friends with.  While there we all went out to dinner and met up with a relative of theirs.  Jules and I have met all of these people many times in the past, but I am only really out to the couple.  So it was kind of amusing for me when one of their relatives began questioning me about having my nails painted.  I found the conversation quite entertaining and for the relative to be quite nice and understanding, but apparently the couple I was with were terrified!  They were freaking out that their sister was going to become kind of unhinged and hurt me in some way.

Nothing actually did happen other than she and I chatting about having my nails painted.  We were at dinner and though I felt like explaining to her that I am transgender, I didn't think that at that dinner, at that table, or at that time was appropriate.  So we just chatted politely about me having my nails painted.  The next day though she texted the couple and asked if I was transgender or gay.  I told them to tell her that I am transgender and she replied, cool.  And that was about it.

The third, and latest time has yet to be fully panned out.  I was hanging out with a friend who I often hunt with.  I told him that I am transgender about 6 months ago or so.  He has been totally fine with it and in fact we have begun hanging out a bit more since then.  I saw him just the other day and he invited me to a private shooting event at a nearby ranch where we live.  But he wanted to make sure that I understood that it was a real "good ole boy" event and then stated quite bluntly that he does not know what they would do if I showed up to the event with my fingernails painted.  

The thing that I think is interesting about these three examples is that these people have all said the same thing to me.  They state that they are fine with what I do, but they are not sure how someone they know would react to it.  And that reaction might be bad.  And they don't want me to get hurt.  

And.... I don't know if this is actually nice behavior.  

I suppose the reality is, that while many people, all people that I have talked to, are very nice and kind and supportive, being transgender is still, on some sort of basic prime level of existence, a very uncommon thing for most people.  So while most people like to think of themselves as open minded, they often think of others as being close minded.

And there are a couple of things about that.  One is that when you think other people are going to be negative about something it goes past that to watch out because that person will be negative about that.  The second thing is that it suggests that maybe there is something wrong with being transgender.  Like my last friend, I kind of got the impression that if I chose not to take off my polish, then I should not go to the ranch shoot.

While I appreciate those that have been very supportive of me, I have not appreciated hearing about how they view other people.  But, then again, it has made me very appreciative of being transgender and mostly out to everyone, regardless of the consequences!  Because only by doing so have I been able to see past what I think people will do and I get to experience what people actually do.

It is easy to be afraid.

All you have to do is nothing.

Although it is sad that is all you'll ever have.

Too bad.

photo credits:

Friday, August 14, 2015

Outfit with Male Jeans

Sweater - White House Black Market - Similar
Jeans - Guess - Similar (male)
Belt - Mossimo - Similar
Shoes - Saucony - Similar

We were in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Michigan and the wind was whipping in off of the lake.  The temperature difference between there and where we boarded our plane was immense!  Our flight into the area had a 40 lb limit on checked suitcases and thus when I looked into my suitcase for my female jeans it turned out I had removed them to cut weight.  Oops!

Jules convinced me that I should just suck it up and where my guy jeans.  I was mentally very reluctant to do that.  Not because I have big problem with mixing the genders of clothes that I wear, I do that all the time actually, but rather I still have this idea that if I don't do ______ or _______ then everyone is going to notice.  Then I will finally be torched and pitchforked by the general masses while they chant, kill the monster!  And while I do wear a mix of male and female clothes, I don't know if I have ever done that while presenting as a woman.  If so, then not very often.  And certainly never before in Kenosha, WI!

But it was wear the male jeans, or an above knee skirt.  I checked again on the wind whipping in off of the lake (which btw I finally have an understanding of why they are called the Great Lakes!) and I chose the jeans.  So above is the resulting outfit.  Funny huh?  Well, maybe only to me!

Hope you are all well!

Love ya!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My First Flight - cancelled

I fretted and fretted and in the end, possibly just that very day, Jules and I left our house, with me dressed as a woman heading off to catch our first of six planes.  Above I am pictured sitting in the airport waiting to board our plane.  I think I look completely elated because I am!  At this point in the journey we were in the airport and past security!

While I have been out many, many, many times while dressed as a woman, each new situation is an absolutely terrifying affair.  Thus I was freaking out about going through security.  I was flying out of Fresno, which is a pretty small town airport.  Plus it has been at least ten years since I have flown anywhere.  But obviously, being dressed as a woman, and going through TSA, which I take very seriously, made me almost petrified!

In the end, I made sure to double check that all of my luggage was in order and that I had on an easy outfit, shorts, a tunic, and tennis shoes.  I walked up to the TSA agent, just like any other normal person, presented my ID and boarding pass, smiled, and waited.  He looked at my papers, and at me.  I smiled again.  He looked at my ID and signed off.  While handing my papers back to me, he just sort of shook his head and muttered "bless your heart."

I was on and past him!  Woo-hoo!!  Yay!  I prepared all of my stuff to go through the x-ray machine and prepared to go through the body scan.  Jules was ahead of me and while standing on the other side waiting for her scan to clear, she watched as a TSA agent came up to the lady performing the scan.  He stated to her, "that blond is a guy!"  She didn't flinch and just waved me into the machine.  She asked me to step out, asked if it was okay to pat me in a couple of places on my back, cleared me and I was off to gather my things.

Absolutely elated, Jules and I walked off to find our gate. Which is where the above picture was taken.  Our flight ended up being delayed, but I hardly noticed the time at all.  I was just giddy.  Eventually we boarded the plane.  Where I snapped this shot:

I was so thrilled to actually be on a plane and waiting for my first flight while dressed as a woman.  Unfortunately our flight was delayed again.  I still had faith that everything would be okay, up until the point at which they stated the flight had been cancelled.  They also were not going to reschedule the flight until the next morning!  Ugh!  SO much for small town airports.

Because we had our next flight scheduled to leave from Las Vegas at 8 the next morning, there was only one thing left to do, and that was to drive there.  Further unfortunate pitfalls befell me as I noticed that while on the no defunct plane, my purse got chocolate on it and it got smeared onto my dry clean only white tunic.  Ugh!  Flying!

After getting back our luggage we hopped into the car and began our drive.  We began our overnight drive at 8pm.  It took us about 7 hours but amazingly we were able to get to Vegas with a few hours to spare.  Being as Jules had already reserved our hotel room, we thought it best to at least stop in, take a shower, and change our clothes.

I am sure that I looked lovely at 3am walking up to the hotel registration line.  Which if you don't know about Vegas, there is often a line.  We waited for about a half hour before we were checked in and on our way to our room.

The first flight of our trip, and the first flight for me dressed as a woman, had been cancelled.  Lucky for me, while I did not get any sleep that night, I did get a shower, a shave, a change of clothes, and another opportunity.

Love you!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Outfit with a White Skirt

Sweater - Michael Kors - Similar
Tank - Charlotte Russe - Similar
Skirt - Iris Los Angeles - Similar
Shoes - Taryn - Similar 

I totally forget what I wore this outfit for specifically.  I know I wore it when I took the photos for showing how I do contouring, but I actually went out and did something on this day and I have no idea what it was!  How funny!

Anywho.... I like this outfit.  Although I am still trying to figure out how best to wear this sweater.  I love the colors fully!  But I am not very comfortable with open draped cardigans.  With them hanging down so low they tend to make outfits look overly bulky.  But I think that with the white skirt and the dark colors of the sweater contrasting so well that it allows for the sweater to be very distinct.  With a darker color bottom it would blend together with the sweater and make the whole outfit look like a giant blob!

So.... that's good, that I don't think I look like a giant blob!  There is that!

I also like the white skirt.  It is my style, super tight.  And about the length that I prefer; hitting me at about the knee.  Also, it only cost me $10.99.  I acquired it from a store called Papaya.  I like to stop in and peruse that store because it has so many clothes!  Well, to be honest, I have only been in one of them, at the Livermore Outlets.  And that particular store is packed full!  The vast majority of items are not of super high quality, but at the prices they are sold for, I don't really care.

Something you can't tell from my photos is that I am wearing a compression undergarment.  Because the skirt is white, I choose to wear nude colored undergarments.  Even if you wear white underwear, with white on top, you can totally tell, the best combo with white, is nude underneath!  Just a little tip for you all.

Love you!

Love yourself!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

An Important Reader Comment

Sculpture by Charles Ray shown at The Art Institute of Chicago

Sometimes I feel like the statue above.  Alone and naked, baring my soul for the world to examine.  Thus it is so touching when those of you who find yourselves in similar positions reach out and let me know that I am not alone.  That there are many others out there.

The following is a comment that I wanted to make sure got the voice that it deserves:

Hi Nadine, I commented on your most recent entry on the balance of power, but felt it would be helpful to share a thought here as well. My husband and I read your blog and as I said before, we find it helpful and comforting to see we are not alone. He is transgender, I have known for 10 years now and we have been married almost 20. It has not been easy but we are here, love each other very much and really like being together! Much like you and Jules. So often stories of couples seem to be very negative or just end and end badly. My husband lies along the gender spectrum and transitioning is not what he wants to do. Hence, the presence of folks along the spectrum. Folks like us, you, him are out there-just not enough stories. Reading your blog along with a couple others I have found have given me the courage to reach out and perhaps comfort myself, and reassure others that through this journey, there is optimism and good. I also wanted to let other spouses know they're not alone. You have a wonderful blog for folks! My husband most recently has struggled with a similar dilemma - dysphoria over aligning mentally and perhaps physically with how he feels. Not sure if I explained that right but in any case, he has decided that low dose hrt may be a reasonable option. The physical changes while they may be slight when they occur would be welcome by him but they scare me and him to some degree. That said, we have seen a doctor and spoken about our concerns, etc. I know that this may be the best option for him especially mentally. We continue to communicate and even with our fears-never perfect is it? - we are here and know we want to be here together! Anyway, I hope this helps. Helps us and your experiment is healthy and has given us insight. You too I hope! 
Take care, V

This is such a powerful comment.  I very much appreciate you taking the time V to reach out and leave such a moving note.  It touched me very deeply.

And I think it is important to share here to try and make sure that everyone gets a chance to read it.  It is important to know that we are not alone.  That each of us is an individual, but not a lonely anomaly.  There are lots of us out there, and it is important that we know we are not alone.

Reach out.

Connect with others.

Connect with yourself.

And connect with others.

Love you.

Thanks V!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Return to The Balance of Power

A week or two ago, I published a post about how I was going to approach an upcoming trip.  Due to the wonders of blogging I actually wrote that post before my travel occurred, and it did not actually get published until about ten days after I had already left.  My entire trip was from about the 13th of July to the 25th, I was home for a night and then off the next day for a 6 day work training.  I basically ended up being gone for about three weeks total.

Thrilling huh?  Maybe not exactly, but I did want to try and provide some sort of continuity between the post of July 23rd and this one.  In that post I stated:

And thus my concern about my trip back east.  I really don't know what I am going to do.  My two options are to go but to not bring any female clothes at all and do the whole trip totally male, or I could bring female items and dress when I can.  Both options worry me and as of right now, I really don't know what would be best.

I wanted to let you all know that I thrillingly chose to not only bring my females clothes along, but actually dress as female for several of the days on our trip.  It turned out great, and I will be publishing some upcoming posts regrading individual aspects of my traveling, like my first flight as Nadine!

Before I left I ended up realizing that I really need to be mindful to balance myself.  Thus the picture at the top of this post is of me standing at the side of the road in Illinois and the picture directly above this is of the next day.

I think all in all I spent 5 days dressed as a woman, and 14 days dressed as a male.  Also I went 6 days without my fingernails polished and 13 days with them polished.  In general I think it felt fairly well balanced.  And that is good.  I get frightened when things don't feel well balanced.

When I loose sight of my enjoyment of being male and all I long for is being female, it is scary.  One may think that the one can control this by simply presenting male and try to realize that I enjoy it.  Oh if only it were so easy.  Sounds simple.  Dress male, be happy.  The only problem is that while doing that, I frequently long for the ability to do it while dressed as a woman.  That makes me think, maybe I should take the plunge.  Maybe I should consider living full time as a woman.  And that scares me, because I know it is not true.  I don't want that.  I know I don't want that.  But I only know I don't want to do it full time when I get to do for an extended period of time.

I didn't get to dress for days on end, as long as I so wished.  But I did allow myself to continue to do me.  And me is not full time one or the other.


It's important for me.

I think it is important for all of us.

Love yourself.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Outfit for 100 Degrees!

Tank - Calvin Klein
Pants - Papaya - Similar
Shoes - G by Guess - Similar
Belt - Mossimo - Similar

It was predicted to be a bit cooler of a day; only 100 degrees!  But hey, it is a dry heat!  Hah!  Try that in a wig that basically amounts to the same thing as a fleece cap.  Gosh.  Anywho.... I obviously chose this outfit to help combat the effects of a pretty warm day.

I really enjoyed the cooling aspects of this look.  I don't know if I have ever worn just a tank top while out before.  In general, tanks don't do my body shape any benefits.  While I agree that I am in pretty good shape, I do not possess the body shape I would like to have.  I would love to have a nice curve in to my waist, giving me a little curve, I would probably even be happy to just have a totally flat stomach.  Thus in this outfit, with this tight of a tank, I am not happy with it showing the tiny little belly pooch and the bit of extra above my hips, with that ever so tiny flat tire effect.

Isn't that just a bit crazy?  What was Jules' comment about my outfit?  That it was an outfit for skinny people.  And what is going on in my mind?  My insecurities about areas that I think aren't skinny enough.  Hmmm.................

Okay... enough of that!

I really like these pants.  They are a totally new thing to me.  I don't have anything else like them.  They are super light weight and a pleasure to wear.  I like the flare at the bottom that really spreads out while walking.  It is kind of neat that at times they appear as a dress, but have the convenience of pants.  Like at the nail salon I was able to just role them up.  Super convenient.  Jules said that she like how they made my butt look.  But I think that has more to do with the Spanx I have on.

The thing about this outfit, as with many summer outfits, is that really is not much to it.  There is not much fabric to help obscure things, or change things, or emphasize things.  Thus, my arms are out, my torso is clearly shown, and my lack of hips are utterly obvious.  But I felt cute.  And it was the perfect outfit for the weather.

Watch out for that heat!

But still get out there!