Sunday, July 5, 2015

Outfit with Pleather

Jacket - Guess
Sweater - WHBM - Similar

This was an outfit from about a month ago.  I never got a chance to show it here, but I like it and think it is worth sharing.  On this particular day I woke up and was surprised to find it raining outside.  It was the end of a trip that had begun with work and was ending with a bit of fun.

But I had not anticipated the rain.  Lucky for me I had brought along some jeans!  Otherwise all I had with me were short skirts and even shorter shorts.  I had also luckily bought this jacket the day before.  It isn't much in terms of warmth, but to help out with a bit of light rain, it was perfect.

I wasn't sure if how exactly it would work out in my wardrobe, but on my shopping list was a white jacket.  I was really looking for a white wool jacket for the cooler season, but never located one.  This particular one looked like it was leather, it also feels like leather, but it isn't.  It is polyester.  A total pleather jacket!  Ahhh..... i don't know if I have ever purchased a pleather garment before.  I really like leather, but pleather?  I am still not sure if I will wear it much.  But hey, it was $40!  Leather cannot compete with that price.

So I bought it. And admittedly, I do like it.


  1. Pretty in white! It looks really good, and works well with the zigzag top and your blonde look. I admit to being a leather snob and poo-pooing pleather, but I like it too! I may have to rethink my attitude... about pleather that is.

  2. Thanks Daria!

    I would have never thought I'd buy something in pleather. Yuck! Just the name alone. But, when I tried it on, I really could not tell the difference. The price tag sure gave it away, but I did have to triple check the tag to see what exactly it was made of. I was totally surprised by the feel of it. I say try it, you may like it!