Thursday, July 9, 2015

Outfit for nails

Tunic - Max Studio - Similar
Belt - ?? - Similar
Shoes - Guess - Similar

I really like this tunic, except for one little detail.  Can you spot what might bug me?  It is where the center column pattern rests across my bust.  It stretches the pattern.It really is not noticeable while wearing it though, which is good!

Other than that tiny little issue, this tunic is so soft, comfy, light, and breezy.  It is so perfect for wearing around here in these wonderful summertime temps!  Generally we are around 95-105!

I wore this when Jules and I got our nails done.  Obviously I did not wear those shoes though to the nail appointment.  I wear flip flops to get my nails done and bring another pair of shoes along with me to wear afterwards.  I like how the brown of the shoes complements the brown in the belt.  But I do have a concern about the shoes cutting off on my ankle.  I am so into looking taller lately and those shoes do cut off my legs somewhat.

Hmm........ well I did like wearing this outfit at least!  It sure is not coming off as though I love the looks of it in a photo, that's for sure!

Love you!

Love yourselves.

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