Sunday, July 19, 2015

Going to get Sushi

Top - Guess - Similar
Tank - WHBM - Similar
Skirt - 36 point 5 - Similar
Shoes - Taryn - Similar

I am so drawn to these types of tops.  I really like them and think they are super cute, but I am not so sure that they work all that well with my arms.  I am beginning to become more comfortable with showing my arms.  Many times this summer I have gone out with them uncovered and have been much more comfortable in the heat; which is a tough thing to do!

Love that pop of purple!
Even though I have been going out with my arms uncovered, I still think there are certain items that work better or worse with my arms.  This particular tops arms stop at just about the largest part of my arms, which tends to draw your eye to that spot, and thus it makes my arms look bigger than they actually are.

Funny enough, a top with no arms at all actually makes my arms look smaller!  Which is such an odd thing for me.  With my arms totally out, they can look smaller than if they are partially covered.

Hmmm..... anyways.... I wore this outfit while Jules and I went out for sushi.  She tends to like sushi far more than me.  I enjoyed it while we were in Japan once, but come on, it was Japan!  Talk about fresh fish!  Yummy!  But I do enjoy the restaurant that Jules introduced me to and I enjoyed the meal on this particular evening.

Okay.  Gotta run.  Love you!

Oh.... right.... what do you think about showing your arms?  Do you do it or avoid it?



  1. I like the black with the pop of purple, and it looks good with the skirt. I think your arms look fine, too.

    When I was younger I always kept my arms covered, because I got teased for my skinny pale arms throughout my childhood when other kids saw them. These days (especially in hot weather) I will gladly bare my arms, en femme or en homme. I like to think my arms are not so bulky or hairy as to draw undue attention.


    1. Hi Dara-

      Funny how you used to keep your arms covered because you thought they were too small and now I want to keep them covered because I think mine are too large.


  2. Avoid avoid avoid! But sometimes I just get too hot and I have to take off that shrug or bolero or whatever it is that I am using to hide! But you know what? Nobody has died yet (as far as I know)!

    1. Hi Daria. Jules and I keep wondering which of us is going to get pitchforked first. Both of us are so paranoid about our insecurities!