Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cute Dresses at eShakti

I had never heard of eShakti before Sally introduced them to me.  I think they are an excellent place to shop online for everyone, but especially for transgender folks wanting to dress in women's clothes.  Why you ask?  Because you can customize everything they sell!

That is just totally awesome!  Want a shorter or longer dress?  No problem.  Want arms or no arms?  Yup, they can do that also!  Wow.  They can customize far more than I can explain, so click here and check out the site to see for yourself.

While I have yet to try their service, I think I need to give it a whirl after looking at some of their products.  Check out some of these dresses as an example:

You know how much I love polka dots right?  Well, and of course then I love this dress because it has polka dots and is in black and white!  I also like that it is a faux wrap dress that has a hook and eye closure at the top of the neck.  So often with wrap dresses they just do not come together very nicely at the neck line for me, with the hook and eye closure then you know it will always stay at that spot!  

I think this dress is super cute as well.  I really like the floral patterns on it, though I would prefer if it was done with embroidery instead of just printed.  But I do still like the look of it.  I also like the color blocking effect with the darker colors in the middle of the dress.  It totally pulls your eye to that center part of the dress, which I obviously highly recommend in most outfits.

Honestly, I really can't tell if I really like this item or not.  It totally catches my eye, but it might be a bit too sailor for me.  I think it is cute.  I like the color block right at the waist and bust.  Again, it pulls your eye to that spot.  I do love the fit of this style of dress and I also really like that it has side seam pockets with it.  Okay, I do like it!

Hope you are well!

Love you!

Buy things on sale!

- eShakti

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