Friday, July 17, 2015

Before & After Contouring

Do I look the same in both pictures to you, or can you spot the differences?  In the photos it is not as obvious as it is in person.  Well, I shouldn't say obvious, nothing with your use of makeup should be totally obvious.  If so then maybe you haven't blended enough! 

In the first photo I have all of my makeup applied, including foundation, eyes done, lip color, and eyebrows, while in the second it is after I contoured my face.  I am so not in love with these photos btw, it really shows just how off my eyebrows are.  Oh how I long for symmetrical eyebrows!  My makeup application is a bit off, but it is true that my brows are not symmetrical!  :( is where I applied the contouring product:

 I attempted to follow some diagram I found on Pinterest.  It is kind of tough to see the lowlights in this photo.  They are on either side of the top of my forehead, along the sides of my nose, under my cheekbones, and along my jawline.  The highlights are pretty obvious.

I used this product, in the light shade:

Jules needed something in Sephora and while there I asked a sales associate if she could help me out with some contouring product.  She sat me down in the chair and showed me how to apply two different products.  Jules and I both liked the one pictured above.  I also bought a nice light sparkly blush as well, but I totally misplaced what it is called! Sorry.

So.... I was completely nervous about asking the sales associates at Sephora for help, but they were really nice and very helpful and answered all of my questions, repeatedly, and nicely.  I was also very nervous about trying to use any sort of contouring, and now I kind of like it.  It really helps to provide a subtle difference to one's face, which is kind of funky to see.

I highly recommend at least trying it.  Who knows, you might just like it!

Love you!

Experiment, it's fun!


  1. Nice example to show that contouring does work. I always look forward to your blog and pictures. You are so lucky to have such a supportive partner.

    1. Thanks Lisa. That is so exciting that you look forward to my ramblings! Thanks so much!

  2. It's subtle, but I can tell there are differences between the 2 photos. especially on your forehead and down your nose. Well done.
    That Sephora product looks good. I go to them from time to time and always am well received and taken care of. Often enough that I'm no longer nervous, but for better or worse not often enough to meet the same makeup artists/SAs or to have them remember me.


    1. Hi Dara. I totally agree about the nose and forehead. Jules looked at me and remarked that it was really odd seeing my nose look so different!

  3. You definitely look brighter in the second photo, good job!
    My eyebrows aren't symmetrical, either (I don't think anyone's are!) so I pluck.. pencil.. pluck.

    1. Thanks Ashley. Wow, you are braver than me to try and pluck your own brows. I so don't trust myself to do anything other than cleaning up a few strays.