Sunday, June 21, 2015

Outfit for Shopping!

Skirt - Guess - Similar

I recently had an opportunity to stop off at my favorite outlet mall in Livermore, CA and this is what I decided to wear.  When I go shopping, I like to go with simplicity in what I am wearing.  That way it is easier to try on everything.  And when I am at an outlet mall, I do a lot of trying on.  Easily I try on 3-4 times as much as what I tend to buy.

On this shopping trip I had a goal of buying solid colored items to be able to wear with my many different patterned items.  It was a surprisingly difficult thing to so.  Most of what I found were tank tops.  Really nice tank tops, but still just tank tops.  I think the quest to find more solid colored tops is going to take awhile longer than I thought!

I also wanted to make sure that I mentioned that I visit just about every store in the mall.  Well, at one time or another I have at least.  I just wanted to point this out as sometimes I have been asked about which store are TG friendly.  My response is to say that all of them are TG friendly.  To which some people respond that it must be that I pass so well that everyone just takes me for a woman!  Ahh--- so nice for you to say but alas that is not the truth.  Even if they are confused about my gender, they are quite clear when I use my male credit card and my male driver's license.  After that point they know for sure that I am a male.

And which store has refused to give my service?  None.  Ever.  And which stores have treated me differently once they have seen my ID?  None!  And how about which ones have refused for me to use my male credit card?  None!

Now that is not to say that some stores give better customer service than others, because that is totally true.  I have my faves, like WHBM and Max Studio and Coach, but I have never gotten bad or weird feelings while shopping.  Seriously that would be stupid for any store to do.

Why would they not want to take your money?

Get out there folks.


Love you.

Love shopping!

Love yourself!


  1. Hi Nadine,
    You are right, shopping en femme is one of those things that seems so scary until you try it. I think it helps a lot that staff are now invariably given suitable training, but I have always found that as long as you are polite and smile, staff do their best to help. Customers too, for that matter. And no-one has ever batted an eyelid when I asked to try stuff on..... for me, the limiting thing is that changing rooms always seem to be hot and stuffy, which is a pity.

    1. Changing rooms are the worst! I hate the lighting in them. It always makes me look horrible. Okay, well maybe it makes the majority of all of us look pretty poorly.

      Thanks for commenting. It is nice to know that the people in the UK are seemingly as acceptable as what I have encountered.


  2. Hi Nadine,

    you are right, stores normally are TG friendly, but TG friendly or not, you have to do what is right for you. That's easier said than done. I remember the first time and I didn't feel very comfortable and there are so many first steps to do. Maybe one day it will no longer be necessary to worry about what other people think or say.
    Love your outfit, Nadine, especially the skirt, it' s cute! And you are beautiful and encouraging.
    Have a nice time!