Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Outfit for 6-3-2015 - More New Hair!

Cami - Mossimo - Similar
Sweater - WHBM - Similar
Belt - WHBM - Similar
Skirt - Gaze - Similar

Easily the most prominent thing about this outfit is my new hair!  You may remember awhile back that I mused what it would be like to have several different wigs.  Obviously I decided to go for it!  I have worn black before and out of all of the other colors I have tried, I like it 2nd best; obviously blond is my #1 color.  My standard blond color, believe it or not was just about the same color as my actual hair, back when I could actually grow it out!

It has taken me a bit to get used to it.  Jules keeps asking me if actually like it and my response continues to be "eh."  Wow!  What a response huh?  I actually got the wig in the mail last Friday.  It happened to be the same day that Jules had her surgery.  I was excited to receive it, but the wig sat untested until just yesterday.  At first it kind of seemed as though I was not trying it on because I was caring for Jules, but then it began to feel as though I was avoiding it because I was afraid.

Afraid of new hair?  Yeah, afraid of new hair.  Not so much as the newness of it, as it is the exact same style as the one I just purchased, but the change in color has been flipping me out!  I have worked hard over the years to get a look that I am actually happy with, and I am happy.  But through iterations I could possibly find something even better.  But possibly I am going to experience some things that I won't like along the way.

And thus the fear.  The fear of wanting to try something out, but that moment right before it when you really aren't sure of what the outcome is actually going to be.  Funny, now that I am writing about it, I kind of get the impression that maybe it is that feeling that I like.  So.... hmm..... does that mean that a part of me likes being afraid?  Wow, weird!  I am SO weird!

Okay.... anywho...  I like this outfit.  The skirt is not my standard style, but I got it for like 10 bucks!  I mean who could pass that up at that price, huh?  Um... not me! I also really like the pop of the blue color of my simple Mossimo cami.  Love that color.  

Today I wore this outfit to go get our nails done and go to Costco.  It was great to help Jules get out of the house for bit and enjoy herself.  We are currently hanging on the couch watching TV and she is tired!  Amazing how surgery can make the simplest things tough.

I do like the new wig.  I think maybe it was a bit high on my forehead in these photos.  I know me.  It will take time to get used to it.  And it is going to be a bit odd as I plan to change back and forth between the black and the blond.


Love you!

Love yourself!

Love others!

Change your hair color!

Be afraid!


  1. I suppose that much the same way that you were used to presenting yourself with your blond hair we had become conditioned to seeing the blond Nadine.
    I think that dark hair works well and it should be a nice change of pace where you can change your hair color on a whim.

    1. Hi Pat. I totally agree. I was wondering what the reception would be like on the other end of the blogosphere. Changing ones hair to something totally different is often pretty shocking, for the owner and the observer. I often encourage my wife to be more playful with her hair and thought I should follow suit.

  2. Best wishes to Jules on her recovery!

    I like your outfit! I think the skirt looks great, and the top and cardigan go well with it. I'm not so sure about the black wig. Mainly because I'm often hesitant with change - it often just takes me time to get used to something new. I also think black hair can be hard to pull of for some people. And I have a fondness for lighter hair colors, being of that ilk myself. Maybe we will just need to see more posts and pics with the black hair in various outfits and all. I wonder if your own ambivalence shows through a little, too? Not really sure about that, though. I could just be projecting.

    But you are right, love yourself, love others, and don't be afraid to try different things. You won't always succeed or enjoy it, but you will often find out if you like something or don't like it. It helps refine your wants and needs and tastes.


    1. Hi Dara. Thanks for the well wishes to Jules. She is doing well.

      Yeah, change is a difficult thing huh? Many folks have a difficult time with it. I too have a tough time with change, as in parts of my thoughts are quite resistant to it. But I try to see it as an opportunity. Without change, there is not growth. And I try and push myself towards growth as much as I can. I wouldn't ever say that it is easy though.

      Btw, blond is still my fave! :)