Friday, June 19, 2015

Internet Tidbits for this Week

Could you imagine spending a night at this place?  Wow!

Have you ever thought about cross dressing but have yet to bring yourself to try it.  An interesting article on the benefits of giving it a whirl!

Is there a difference between self care and self comfort?  I often find myself swaying back and forth between the two states and I often find it difficult to determine which one I am doing.

I think I have probably seen about 90% of these movies.  How many do you think you have seen?

I often think I am such a socially polite person and yet, doing what I do, I know that I must be ruffling some people's feathers.  But, can we really be expected to never make others around us uncomfortable, especially when we don't even know what that may be?

These are amazing astro photos.  I have a pretty nice camera and a pretty nice telescope and have been thinking about trying to get the two of them together sometime.  I think that would be pretty cool!  Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?

I have a theory about violence in our society.  It is interesting in how difficult it is to find good, reliable, sourced evidence for any theory.  I have seen a few things around that seem to dispute some societal myths that I have believed in for my entire life.  I do not mean to minimize anyone's personal experience of violence, any happening is too much.  But I am tired of many TG folks thinking that they need to be afraid because of the high percentage of violence experienced by the TG community.  I have been trying to find good reliable, sourced facts and here is one that is interesting in its conclusions.

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