Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dress With Back Cutouts

Dress - Papaya - Similar - Similar
Shoes - Taryn Rose - Similar

Have you ever been into Papaya?  Jules really does not like going into that store.  She feels it is geared towards younger people.  But I can find an occasional thing or two if I look hard enough.  The thing I really like about that store are the prices!  This particular dress was only about ten dollars.

It was quite amusing while in the dressing room.  The thing about inexpensive stores is that they tend to have inexpensive dressing rooms.  So I am in the room, mostly undressed, wig off, and trying on clothes.  When I got to this dress, they had clipped the security tag on through both the front and the back of the garment.  I assessed the situation, and checked out the price tag; ten dollars.  I really could not see myself putting everything back on, going to the counter, having them remove the tag, and then going back to the dressing room just to have to take everything off again.

Obviously I had to buy it.  I mean come on look at the back of this dress!  Lucky for me, I think it fits quite well.  And what a steal at ten bucks!

I am trying to force myself to wear my black hair at least some of the time that I get out and about.  On this particular day Jules and I went to the movies to go see Jurassic World.  I still remember when she and I went and saw the first one.  I enjoyed that one more; it was so new.  This one was better than number two and three though.

I like the change up of having the different hair.  Jules asked what I thought of it and I said I liked it, but I have a hard time with it as it doesn't match up with the picture I am trying to create.  Which is so weird!  It is like I am trying to create an image when I cross dress and not actually be a real person.  Thus when I change that image I don't fit my own image of myself.

I think this warrants a longer discussion.

Okay.  Love you.

Hope you all are well.

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  1. I like the dress and the back cut out is an interesting feature. Good luck with it.
    Also good luck with the new hair. It looks nice but my sense of your confusion is that you have been projecting blond for so long that dark hair seems like a disguise.

    1. Thanks Pat.

      I think you are close with your thoughts. I have been pondering this for quite a bit and am working on a full post regarding it.

  2. I lovely you with the dark hair you just look like a ordinary woman and I hope that you take that as the highest comment possible ! Most wigs are bit thick at first and look better with bit trim but you rock that hair girl !!!!

  3. $10.00? No way. Getting used to the dark hair...looks good with the dress.

    On another note: you are so damned thin! This is only my opinion, but the best looking gurls tend to be thin. Your thoughts (if u dare!)?

    1. Thanks for the complements.

      While I prefer to stay thin, others may not choose that route. Personally I try to watch my weight as I like my clothes too much and a little bit of weight gain on me means I go up in waist size; which sucks!

      Thanks again!

  4. That dark hair is going to take some getting used to!