Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Fun Day Out at the Movies

Top- WH/BM- similar
Shorts- Denizen
Shoes- Italian Shoe Makers- similar

We went to see a movie in the morning and it was HOT! We went to see Jurassic World, which was pretty good compared to the last two. We have been together since before the Jurassic series was out in the theaters. We have seen all the movies together and in the theaters so it was a little nostalgic. Yeah we've been together a while. :) 

The top from WH/BM is my favorite no bra top. Yes, I wrote that. :) I love not wearing a bra when I can, and the summer is a great time for doing so. This top is a black halter racer back top with an embroidered au par waist. I did not photograph the back, but it has a silver ring that makes the racer back. I think this top is super cute and am so ready and willing to wear no bra to be able to wear this top. I loooove it!

The shorts are basic white shorts that I got from Target. They don't fit as well now that I am a little smaller. But they work out pretty good for now. They are a thicker material, comparable to a denim material. I wear them often to go out and about when I would like to look a little nicer (as compared to my house wear or a quick errand).  I am sure these shorts will re-appear in future posts from me.

I love these earrings!! They are sort of a Gypsy looking pair of earrings.  It is kind of hard to see but there is a brown stripped tear shaped rock at the top of the earring. I love that they move around as I walk. Basically, they are fun and pretty!



  1. I see your dog in lots of pics. Aren't they great? They are always there and they love u no matter.


  2. Yes, dogs are great. Sometimes, I wish he would stay out of the picture at least part of the time. He really wanted to be in the pictures that day, almost all of them. I don't mind, though. He is such a loving dog that I can easily deal with a little bit of his silliness.
    Thanks for commenting!