Thursday, May 7, 2015

Outfit for 5-7-15 - The Outfit That Almost Killed Me

Dress - Calvin Klein
Sweater - White House Black Market
Shoes - Guess

I really wanted to try out my new wig and thought, I should wear something new and fun. The obvious choice was this new Calvin Klein dress and had just recently purchased. I really like how it hugs my body with its super stretchy fabric. Just on its own, it shows off any curves that I actually have. The horizontal stripes also work to give the illusion of a curvier body. And of course I had to pair it with my T strap Guess shoes.

It was with glee in my step that I setup my camera on my tripod and walked out my front door to snap some shots. Without really thinking, while holding my tripod, topped with my pricey relatively new camera, my heel came down right on the edge of the short little step on my front porch. I wobbled for a second, and then began a horrific feeling fall.

I knew I was going down. I knew it was going to hurt. But I had some forethought and I brought down my tripod, still with its legs folded together, and managed to control my fall. My camera stayed upright instead of ending up in pieces smashed in my demise, which was super lucky. But then I came down hard on my right knee.  It smashed into the ground and then then event was over.

I stayed there for a moment, catching my breath, and making sure I was steady. Slowly I got to my feet and surveyed the damage. I was sure that I was going to be bloody, or maybe broken, or at least chipped. But thankfully no. My knee hurt, but all that had occurred was a sore spot and a slight grazing of my knee.

Being out of danger, I setup my tripod and snapped my shots!

Yay, I lived! Yay, I didn't break anything. Yay!

Over all of the years of wearing heels, this was the first time I have ever gone down. A little wobble here and there of course, but I have never hit the ground before. It was pretty terrifying!

The obligatory cat photo!

Watch out for those steps people!


  1. Yikes! I'm glad to hear your fall wasn't worse. I hope it doesn't hurt too much!

    I do love your dress and the shoes and cardigan! I have a Calvin Klein dress that I also think is very flattering on me, and just feels good. And I always enjoy a good cat picture. Looks like a nice study in black and white, all around.


    1. Thanks D! I was SO thrilled when I fit into that CK dress. Often I just can't do their clothes at all, but when I can, Wow!

  2. p.s. I don't think that's what they mean by "killer heels".


  3. Hi Nadine
    love your new hair, dress and heels. You are so beautiful and that being transgender, fantastic! You can look in a mirror with pride. Tell me where is the secret about your beauty. I'm sure, even your cat appreciate en femme.

    1. Yeah the photo-bombing cat!

      Oh, the secret of my beauty is two-fold. One - being willing to try a large variety of different techniques to achieve the look I am striving for. And two - take LOTS of pictures!

      Thanks cutie!