Monday, May 11, 2015

Outfit for 5-11-15 - Zippers!

Skirt - H&M
Top - Charotte Russe
Sweater - 89th & Madison
Shoes - Guess
Belt - Mossimo

I got this skirt a little bit ago at H&M and absolutely love the zippers on it.  The zippers totally sold me on the skirt. I love the look of them and that it adds a little bit of edge to it.  But I struggle a bit with my body image while wearing skirts that have that little bit of flare at the knees.  I think it helps my body to have skirts that are tight at the knees.  But I like to push myself into new fashions territory and thus I went for it.

I like the overall look of how this outfit turned out.  You know me, I am such a sucker for black and white!  And yes, those are the same killer heels that toppled me over the last time I wore them.  But you know what they say about getting back up onto that horse!

This outfit was not actually worn out for anything.  It was part of a mega outfit/picture-a-thon.  I may have mentioned already that I will shortly become  a contributor over at Already Pretty.  What I may not have mentioned is how much it THRILLS may but also TERRIFIES me!  I have been somewhat stressed (okay massively stressed!) about providing a decent looking outfit and a nice head shot photo for my biography for Sally's site.  What do I do when stressed?  What do I do when I want to turn away and bury my head in the sand?  I face the challenge head on.

Thus it was that I reserved some time this past weekend to get dressed and take some photos!  Which resulted in me trying on about 10 different looks and getting a whole bunch of closeups of my face.  And what did I find?  A few outfits that I thought actually looked good, and I actually, AMAZINGLY, got a few head shots that I LIKE!  Wow.  That is truly amaze-balls!  I have such a difficult time with getting pics of my face that I actually like.  I still shake my head in disgust at the levels to which my insecurities still smack me around.

I really need to get over myself.

Oh well.  At least I fight the fight.

And more and more, I find that I may actually be gaining some ground.

Love you.

Love yourself.

Take more pictures.

Who knows, maybe you too can find one or two that you actually like.

(Just for your info, I took about 300-400 shots to find a few that I actually like.  Yes sometimes people it takes that much effort!)



  1. I really like this outfit. The pieces all go nicely with each outher. This is one of the best photos you have posted. Do not be shy. You got it so flaunt it.

  2. Will you be my prom date? ;) No but really, you look so sweet in these pics - you have really outdone yourself this time!
    But I well know the dilemma of the flared skirt - which in principle I like because it balances my massive shoulders, but also tends towards making me look a little dumpy. Its working well tho on your outfit here - maybe because of the balance created by the bolero?

    1. You are hilarious Daria! I think my wife may have concerns about that prom proposal! Ha-Ha!

      I agree about flared skirts giving kind of a dumpy look. I always think they will look SO cute, but they don't always fulfill their promise. Oh well. Thanks for the complements on the pics! You are too sweet!