Saturday, May 30, 2015

Internet Tidbits For the Week of 5-30-2015

Hey there friends.  Yesterday was a big day for Jules; she got the metal hardware removed from her leg.  She was in surgery and I was out in the waiting room stressing out!  Her surgeon is fabu, but he sucks at dealing with people!  No people skills what so ever!  Thus I was not informed of anything until a volunteer nurse came and got me and brought me back to her in the recovery room where she was wide awake and the surgery was done.  All went well and now she is recovering.

I am an internet scavenger and thus I thought I would share a few of the tidbits I have found interesting.  Enjoy!

Did you know that you can't actually see the Great Wall of China from space?  Neither did I.  I just believed the myth.  But apparently I was wrong about that, and I variety of other things.  Check out these other popular myths.

Recently I had to update my resume.  I vaguely remembered seeing some cool looking ones on my Tumblr feed.  Here are some neat ones to try out.  BTW, I did not use any of these ideas, i just kind of think they are neat.  The job I applied for and got is pretty boring so I didn't know if they would appreciate the creativity behind these ideas.

Talk about a blast from the past!  I used to play this game on a Commodore computer when I was in elementary school.  Way back then we had a tape player connected to the computer.  We had to type load"" on the screen, press play on the cassette player, and then click enter on the keyboard.  Wow, that was OLD SCHOOL!!!  Today you can play it through Dosbox via this link.

Apparently about four years ago scientists discovered differences in the brain scans of transsexuals.  I do remember reading somewhere though that they don't know if these differences cause a person to be transsexual or if by being transsexual it changes their brains.  Interesting info anywho.

I think one of the most fascinating things about existing in the middle of the gender spectrum is in listening to how other discuss gender.  Even folks that know about me and how I self identify frequently exclaim things like "oh males are like this, and females are like this."  Check out this excerpt on male and female brains: "Male and female brains are of course far more similar than they are different. Not only is there generally great overlap in "male" and "female" patterns, but also, the male brain is like nothing in the world so much as a female brain. Neuroscientists can't even tell them apart at the individual level."

I truly believe that success is built upon failures.  If you are not failing enough, odds are that you are not putting yourself out there enough.  Here is a bit of inspiration for you.

Have you seen this site yet?  It is pretty cool.  I really like the photography.

I am SO bummed that this site now appears to be defunct.  What a great concept.  I wonder what happened?  They disappeared into the internet black hole of gone-ness!

Who should be allowed to wear dresses?

Some pretty powerful photos about our perceptions of others.

Love you all!


  1. I forgot that stuff had to come OUT! Glad to read she is well. Now on to rehab!!!

    1. Yeah, apparently unless they put in titanium it will rust, thus they will take it out. Fun stuff!!