Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Amazing Ingrown Destroyer!

For the past month or so I have been testing out this product and I am here now to report my amazing results!  I truly am amazed by this stuff.

I have been a shaver for most of my life.  Let's see, I would probably be going on about 30 years or so of shaving at this point.  I have also tried epilating and waxing, which both work just fine, but shaving tends to be what I do the most.

Shaving works great, and I am quite quick at it at this point.  I am probably down to about 20-30 minutes for my entire body!  Wow.  But the thing that I hate about it is ingrowns!  I suffer wildly from ingrowns.  Probably ever single time I shave I end up with about 10 or more ingrowns in various places.  And more often than not they hurt!

Anywho.... I have had an ingrown on my upper inner thigh for several months and the hair just never seemed to want to come to the surface for me to be able to pluck it.  I examined it several times to no avail.  The hair was in there and it was NOT going to come out.  I tried sloughing, and another chemical exfoliator, but nothing was working.  Through some other website I found this product, PFB Vanish and decided to give it a whirl.

It it applied easily enough, you just roll it on the spot.  Being as I have such difficulties with ingrowns, especially on my inner thighs, I began using it over all of my inner thighs and not just on that one stubborn ingrown.  It took about 3-4 weeks, applying it in the morning and and night, but do you know what happened?  Eventually that little bugger of a hair showed its evil little head and I was able to snag it with a pair of tweezers and pop out a nasty little twisted up hair that was about 1/2 - 1 inches long!  Yuck! Nasty!  But YAY for this product!  It actually brought it out and to the surface.

So, it destroyed that long-term nasty giant ingrown I have had for about 3-4 months.  YAY again! But during that time this lovely little product has also kept my other ingrowns to a minimum.  I have developed them, but the little red raised bumps, indicating a start of an ingrown just sort of disappered and never actually developed into full on giant ingrown volcanoes as many of mine do.  They just disappeared within a couple of days.

But wait, there is more!  Once this stuffed showed its merit on ingrowns that had developed I decided to start putting it all over my thighs, which is an area that is notorious for getting ingrowns on me.  I also took a further risk by shaving against the grain of the hair in that location.  I know, not the best, but it really is the only way to have super soft smooth legs.  So I went for it this weekend, and guess what?  No ingrowns developed at all!  And no irritation from shaving!  I am seriously impressed with this stuff. Can you tell?

The one caveat I will say is that your skin will peel a bit from using it.  It was a minor concern for me, but you should be aware of this before you dive into it head on.  It never hurt, but it did cause my skin to experience a mild peeling.  It acts like a mild chemical exfoliant and thus a bit of drying and I really only noticed the peeling after I had been sitting in the spa for like 2 hours.  Upon getting out while drying off, I noticed a bit of peeling skin on my thighs.  I just dried it off and it was done.  No pain, just a bit of peeling.

I am so impressed with the effectiveness of this product that I made sure I went to amazon and purchased a second bottle to have on hand before my first one ran out.  Yeah, I like it that much!

So there ya go!


Destroy all ingrowns!




  1. Well done - one does unfortunately have to resort to chemical warfare from time to time. 8-)

    The thing that has saved my life, shaving-wise, is Tend Skin. (Yes, from Amazon) It's really just a solution of Aspirin in isopropyl alcohol, with a bit of moisturiser thrown in, but it tames shaver burn and stops any ingrowing hairs developing. I have also finally screwed up courage and bought a Philips Lumea IPL device and it really works. It does take time, but treatment every 2 weeks has stopped nearly all leg hair growing and completley fixed the awfully messy hairs on my chest.
    All the best

    1. I am really curious about the IPL device. I have been reading up on them but have been unsure if I am going to drop the bucks down onto one of them. I think the largest problem I would have is that my skin can be a bit on the darker side and my hair can be a bit on the lighter side. So for my arms I don't think it would work, but maybe for my legs it would! Hmm... I am intrigued. I would be thrilled if you would keep me updated on your thoughts on the system you purchased!

      Thanks Penny!

    2. Hi Nadine,
      Well, in answer to your question, my hair is mostly fairly dark and my skin quite fair, at least where it gets little sun. This is of course the best combination for IPL. From your photos I doubt if your skin is much darker than mine, but the hair colour does matter. I have noticed that white (grey) hairs and very pale ones seem unaffected. Dark ones are controlled very well on my legs and chest, though it did take a couple of months for armpit hairs to slow right down. I now shave at most twice a week in these areas and my legs don't feel stubbly in-between shavings any more.
      It's worth mentioning that the instructions state that it's not suitable for scrotum (!) or beard. The former I can understand, but the latter is I think possibly to do with the extended growing cycle of beard hairs. The roots are only vulnerable when in-between growth phases, which I suspect are a lot further apart for yer average beard. I have been treating my side-burns for several months now on the usual 2- week interval and so far no effect.
      On the plus side, fair hairs show much less, so maybe arm hairs are ok when just trimmed a little.
      Me, I'm sold on the thing. If it broke tomorrow I'd go straight out and get another. Mind, you do have to be quite determined, as it takes about 20 minutes to do half a leg; you are committing to 5 sessions like this every 2 weeks for at least 3 months to get your legs in shape. After that you can slacken off - the instructions say 6 weeks but I'm doing 4 at the moment. You really need to keep an IPL diary to stay on top of it.....
      Hope this helps!