Thursday, April 30, 2015

Outfit for 4/30/15 - Felt Cute but Only Looks Okay

Top - White House Black Market
Skirt - 36 point 5
Shoes - Born-O-Concept

Ugh!! The day I wore this was one of those days when I just could not decide on what I wanted to wear!  Often while showering and shaving I will ponder what I want to wear and will come up with some sort of an idea, but on this day I was unable to come up with anything.  Thus, one of my worst things ever occurred, I just started pulling out clothes and tried to mix and match to come up with something that I liked.

I really don't enjoy doing that.  Generally Jules and I will have plans to go somewhere and do something and on this day we were planning on getting our nails done and then doing some shopping.  The nail place opens at 10 and I prefer to be there when it opens.  Otherwise it can get pretty full and then we have to sit and wait.  So... not knowing what to wear and me resorting to trying on outfits to figure it out takes time!!

Suffice to say, I obviously found something to put on and we made it to the nail place and got our nails done with a minimum of hassles.  I think what I need to learn is to relax and understand that things will work out.  Just take them one step at a time.

Okay, so anywho... about the outfit.  I LOVE this sweater.  It is a sweater, but it a very loosely knit sweater and thus is not warm at all.  The breeze just blows right through it.  I also really like this skirt.  It hugs me at just the right places.  I felt cute while wearing it, but the photos do not seem to do it justice.

C'est La Vie!

A few odds and ends:
- I just ordered a new wig.  Same manufacturer, just a slightly different style.  I will obviously let you see how it works!
- I have been asked to contribute to my favorite blog, Already Pretty!!!  OMG, I am SO nervous!  It is not a transgender blog, but through discussions with Sally, she asked me if I would like to do it to help bring a TG presence to her site.  OMG, I am still in shock!
- I have also been asked to contribute to Sister House.  Tasi (the site owner) would like for me to contribute some articles regarding fashion!  Wow, too cool!  (Wow, they like me, they really like me!)
- Drama with my dad's ex wife continues and apparently I will be saddled with that burden for some time! Oh joy!

Okay, gotta run!

Love you!

Stay busy!


  1. wow! congrats to you, pretty lady! you look amazing, by the way! you always do!

  2. You sound surprised people enjoy reading your writing...don't be. You do a wonderful job. If all the blogs I read, I like yours the best, for too many reasons to list now. Congrats again.

    1. Yeah, my insecurities still continue to bleed through. It is something that I fight within myself. But I am not always successful. Thanks for pointing out that I should not be surprised!

  3. Remember, blogs always need content (as u know it is hard to keep "feeding the beast"!)