Sunday, April 5, 2015

Outfit for 4-5-2015 - Big Arms/Small Arms

Top - White House Black Market
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Nickles
Belt - Mossimo

Recently, my good friend Vivian sent me a picture of her in a super cute top, but I told her that I didn't really like the arms of it very much because they were too "puffy" for me.  Honestly, I liked everything about the top except for the arms!  She texted me back and informed me that I better get used to it because puffy arms were all over the stores.  And wouldn't you know it, the very next time I was shopping at my current favorite store, White House Black Market, I found this top, and what does it have puffy arms!

Okay, so Vivian, I take it back!  Can I still do that?  Or do I have to permanently be against puffy arms?!  Ha!

When I tried it for Jules, she also did not like the puffy arms.  But, I thought that maybe it made my arms look smaller.

So what do you all think?

Oh and another thing, I wasn't so sure about the belt, but I think it totally helps to give me some shape.  Without it the top looks pretty big on me.  I purposely chose the skirt I have on because it is a bit looser and I think it helps to balance out the largeness of the top.

Jules and I went out on this day and got our nails done:


We have had our new puppy for a week and a day, and he is doing great!  We are pretty tired, but he is great!  Oh and we decided to stick with the name of Indy.  He is a total cutie!

Okie dokie folks!

Love you!


  1. I think the total outfit looks great on you! I'm not a fan of big puffy sleeves either - one problem I have with sleeves that length is they get into the crook of my elbow and get sweaty. But it works visually for you at least. I think the skirt and belt were good calls. Sleeves like those are probably good for people with farmer's tans, too, or with too muscular upper arms/biceps - none of which I have to worry too much about.

    Indy is a good name.


    1. Thanks D. Ahh... Farmer's tans! I so hate when I develop that. I am going to try really hard this year to work without a shirt on, or at least only a tank top. Hopefully I will beat it before it begins!

      I too think Indy is a good name, it is very fitting for him!

  2. Nadine

    You look adorable!! The top is so cute.


  3. Love the top! I knew you would come around, no way you could refuse this seasons fashion trend. Besides you look great in anything.