Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Outfit for 3-3-2015 - New Purse!!

Top - Max Studio
Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Saucony
Purse - Coach

This past weekend I decided that I HAD to have some retail therapy.  I don't know if you have noticed it or not but I have been attempting to curtail my clothes buying obsession.  I just kind of figured that maybe I should stop purchasing for a bit and try and work with what I have.  It has been rather enjoyable actually.  I have been pleased with the innovative outfits and unusual combinations I have been able to piece together.

But as of late things have mentally gotten to a boil over point and I thought I was just going to have a stress geyser spout from the top of my head.  I have informed you of the stress associated with my father recently passing away, which I am still trying to sort out and it is turning into a cluster-fuck!  Of course his ex-wife has an attorney "friend" who is representing her so I of course have had to hire someone to represent me and my father's estate; awesome!  I have also informed you about the lovely difficulties with a coworker, which is still in process! Jules' depression has had recent flare ups, which is thrilling!  And of course all of the rest of the stuff in my world is as chaotic and never ending as it usually is.  But ah, such is this sweet thing called life!

Anywho, my point is I HAD to have some retail therapy.  And where do you think was the first place I went to after the 3.5 hour drive to favorite outlet mall?  That is right, Coach baby!

After getting my new awesome purse, I had about an hour or so until the mall closed and thus visited the closest store me Guess.  And that is when I got a very pleasant surprise.  A sales associate, Paula, came up to me and said hi and told me that she was very happy to see me shopping there again.  This was the same woman who I encountered during this post.  She totally remembered me and was super friendly and helpful!  It was such a nice pick me up and reminded me of how great the public can be.

The rest of my trip was super nice.  I encountered all sorts of nice people and very pleasant events that I will have to relay to you all at some point! But for today, the focus is on the purse!!

Do you have a nice purse?

You really should have a nice purse!

Go buy yourself a quality purse.

Love you!

Love quality purses!



  1. Nadine

    Sorry things are not going well! You seem to be handling all of it pretty well.

    Love your blog!


    1. Thank you Tammi. I'm glad you like my blog! :)

  2. Yeah, I hope life gets better for you and Jules!

    The purse, and the shopping experience, sound like good bright spot!

    I don't have a really good purse (yet), but the one I use the most is pretty decent. A couple of years ago I was visiting my sister and went with her while she shopped for a new purse. She had a definite idea of what features and style she wanted and the budget she was willing to spend. We went to a few different places before she found one that fit her criteria, but it was fun.


    1. Hi D- omg, my new purse obsession! A friend gave me my first Coach purse and I have not ever looked back! The benefits of a quality purse are SO worth the cost! I highly recommend it!

  3. Love your new purse, Nadine, you made a good choice, it's a nice one, indeed.
    A purse is a must for every woman claiming to be femininely dressed and that's what you are with a skirt or even wearing jeans.
    I wish you so much an untroubled life without stress.


    1. Thanks Feli. I appreciate the wishes for a stress free life! One can wish, huh?

      Hugs back!

  4. Nadine
    I hope things improve on all fronts.
    I find that when things get stressful in my guy life that a good dose of time in my girl life is the therapy that I need. I find the longer I spend as Pat the more my guy side issues ebb. I suspect that the seven hours of driving while dressed, plus several hours in the mall, plus the transformation time, etc. gave you a good dose of being Nadine and permitted your mind to take a vacation from the things that are currently plaguing you.
    I am sure the worm will turn for the better.
    Best regards,

    1. Thanks Pat. I appreciate the concern. I notice that the more I blend my gender presentation in daily life, the more it helps me to feel more centered. It used to be that I would get some stress relief from fully dressing, now not so much. But I get to benefit from full time stress relief! It feels different, but good! Does that make any sense at all? Hmmm......?????? Maybe!

  5. Hi Nadine,

    I'm sorry to hear about your continued issues with your step-mother. Sounds like she drained your father dry and now because of you taking care of him, she's coming after you. I'm no legal professional, on the one hand you'd like to just not have anything to do with her, on the other maybe hit her with a counter suit to cover your legal fees... Maybe something to discuss with your legal team.

    As for the continuing situation at work, I'm hoping that it not only gets resolved, but you'll feel comfortable enough to be Nadine all the time. I certainly understand. As an Engineer/Researcher, I used to think it would be a career ending move to be out. Now I'm planning on not only acknowledging I'm transgender, but also planning on going full time in the next few months.

    As for retail therapy, I've enjoyed a session or two. Love your purse and can't wait to see what you've found at Guess.


    1. Hi Alana-

      Thanks for your thoughts! I am trying to decide how to proceed with my dad's ex. I am currently debating between a defensive or offensive position. I will let you all know!

      So... at work, I hope to be able to just focus on my job. I don't think I will ever have an interest in going full time as Nadine. I really like being me, which is really a mix of both the masculine and feminine, which is what I pretty much do now. I have thoughts on how to mix it up a bit more, which I may do, but time will tell!

      Thanks cutie!

  6. You have very good taste in fashion!

    I'm the wife of a closeted (mostly fetish) crossdresser and stumbled on your blog. It's certainly another side of things that I'm enjoying reading about.

    If it's okay to ask, you look very authentic but I was wondering if this doesn't bother your wife? I like being part of a heterosexual couple and I like being seen as such, and one area that saddens me about my husbands dressing is if we were out publicly like you are, we would look like a lesbian couple. Does this upset your wife at all?

    Anyway, sorry if I've derailed your blog. I was just curious if how I feel is common. And can I hire you as a stylist please?!! :)

    1. Thanks for writing!

      Your comments have prompted much discussion between my wife and I this morning; good discussions. Discussions that prompted me to ask her if she would be willing to write a response to your question. I could answer for her, but maybe it would be best if it came from her directly? So... if you don't mind, I will write a full post in response to your questions where both she and I will give some thoughts. I will get that posted soon.