Saturday, March 21, 2015

Outfit for 3-21-2015 - Super Casual

Top - DNA Couture 
Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Saucony

I chose this outfit for a purpose, shopping!  Specifically, clothes shopping!  A new outlet mall opened up somewhat nearby Jules and I and we have been wanting to check it out for a little bit, so we chose a day and went for it.  I never really like to dress up for clothes shopping, as there tends to be quite a bit of walking, standing, disrobing, and redressing.  With complicated clothes on it can get more than a bit tedious.  Thus I have on today's super casual outfit.

It is funny as in these pictures I do not think that I look anywhere near as feminine as I can and I knew that when I put this outfit on.  The top is not very feminine and the jeans are probably my least feminine.  And putting them together does not help either item!  So I tried on a few different tops with the jeans, looking for something that was a bit more flattering.  But nothing worked especially well, and I stuck with the original outfit.

Often on other members of that site will complain about seeing women dressing in casual clothes, and that it is a waste.  So I suppose if they saw my outfit, they would probably feel very similar.  But that is SO rude!  Like what, just because you can, then you should or rather you NEED to dress a particular way.

It made me think about the fact that I do not own a suit.  Not a female suit, but a male suit.  You know, a nice wool male suit.  I wonder if there are MtF cross dressers who look at men who are dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, or khaki cargo shorts with flip flops and a t-shit and they think, wow what a waste!  That man over there has the perfect body to wear a super nice suit and look how he is wasting it!  He could be all done up in his suit and tie and he would look great!  But no, there he is shlubbing around in these lame clothes!

How funny would that be?  Super funny!

Maybe I should go buy suit?

Maybe I should.

Love you!


  1. Hi Nadine - I'm sure you blended in very nicely. 8-)
    I know just what you mean about 'complicated' clothes - and the changing rooms always seem to be so hot and stuffy.
    As for judging folk - it's human nature, but I always remember that looking good doesn't come for free and anyone who makes an effort deserves cedit for it.
    It's fun to think that some women might imagine men looking better in a suit, but I doubt anyone ever thought that about MY body!

    1. Don't judge yourself too harshly Penny. You never know what people are interested in. The world is a varied place!