Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Outfit for 3-17-2015 - Stripes!

Top - White House Black Market
Skirt - 36 Point 5
Shoes - Taryn
Belt - Mossimo

Overall I think my outfit looks pretty good.  I especially like the shoes!  Do you know how long I have been looking for a nice pair of shoes in a nude color?  For a LONG time!  I ended up spending about $100 on these shoes as I had finally found a pair of mostly comfy nude shoes.  And they are wedges as well, which means that they are fairly usable as shoes I can actually spend the day in.

And on this day I did spend quite a bit of time in them.  Alas as with most cute shoes, after several hours, they did make my feet begin to hurt a bit.  But with going to a department store, the movies, and then to Costco, and walking all around that giant store, I would honestly be surprised if my feet didn't hurt me at least a little!

Okay, so, while I love the fit of this top, the color of this top, the fabric of this top, I just don't know if horizontal stripes on my torso is the best thing for me!  After reviewing this pictures for this post, I kind of get the feeling that the stripes make my torso look bigger.  Maybe it is pairing this top with this skirt.  The skirt is pretty straight and skinny, and I rarely use my hip pads anymore.  So my bottom half looks pretty small, but my top half looks a bit larger.  I don't know, maybe it is just my perception!

Oh and while I was snapping shots, my dog thought he would get in on the fun.  Isn't he a cutie?  I don't think I told you all yet, but I am getting a new puppy soon!  It is less than two weeks away at this point.  I am so excited, and so nervous!  Good golly, a new puppy?  How am I going to do that??  Ahhh....... I am nervous, and excited, and afraid, and happy and.....???????  Oh I hope I can give my new little guy everything that he needs!

Okay.  Love you all!  Thank you so much for reading.

What do you think of the stripes?  Good, not good?  Opinions?

Oh and I am still looking for other folks who are interested in posting their own outfit posts.  What I would be interested in you doing would be to: take at least 1 full photo of your outfit.  Tell us who made what.  And what you like or don't like about it.  Come on people, I am not the only little fashionista out there.  I know you folks love your clothes and outfits, and that many of you look great!  Don't be shy!

Love you again!


  1. I think the stripes are fine. I'm not sure it works with that skirt though. Maybe better with a looser skirt or one with a flare or something? unsure


    1. Thanks D. Good thoughts. Maybe a fuller skirt would look better. I could see that because it may make the lower portion of my body fuller in appearance. Maybe that would help to balance out the fullness that the top stripes provide. Interesting again! Thanks!