Monday, February 9, 2015

Outfit for 2-9-15 - Tall Boots

Sweater - Ann Taylor
Leggings - American Apparel
Boots - Nine West
Belt - Mossimo
Coat - Guess

Today's outfit objective was to wear my tall boots.  I really like them but have not worn them in quite awhile as I have a tough time figuring out a good look for them.  I often do not like the segmentation of my body.  Normally the boots are really tall and my top is kind of low.  This leave a very small strange patch of whatever I am wearing on my legs, which ends up looking a bit odd.

So I tried on about three different bottoms to wear with the boots.  The first was my lovely pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans.  I thought it looked okay.  I also tried that combo with two or three different tops.  Then I tried a pair of black leggings with a different sweater.  It looked okay, but it really did not show off the boots at all.  It sort of made the leggings and the boots meld together.

Lastly, I tried these wild American Apparel leggings that I ended up wearing.  I chose them because they really make the boots stand out.  But the cool things about wearing them with the boots is that the boots cut off most of the leggings from sight, and with such a wild print on the leggings, it helps to tone them down quite a bit.

This outfit was worn to a movie Jules and I went to see and some light shopping.  We ended up going to see Jupiter Rising.  We both basically enjoyed it, but it was rather formulaic.  Oh well!  After the show we went to Macy's for some cosmetics and then walked the mall for a bit to go to Victoria's Secret.  I was out of smelly lotion and I love Victoria's Secret scents.  They are currently having an awesome sale BTW.  You can mix and match 7 of the scented items for only $35!  Normally the tubes Jules and I get are $14 each!  So needless to say, we saved a bundle!  I highly recommend hitting up this sale if you like those items.  I think it is on until Valentines day.

Things around here are going well.  Still working hard to get all of my stuff accomplished.  I realized this weekend that no matter how much I get done, my list will always be full.  It is kind of what keeps me going in life.  I push and push and push myself to get more and more and more done!  Always working!  Work hard, play hard, and love life!

Love you!

Accomplish more!


  1. Hi Nadine,

    you appear such a normal woman that no one passing you in the street would believe that you are a T-Girl. That's really great.


    1. Hi Feli. Thank you for the nice comment. That is super sweet of you. But I do want you to know that I do not pass without question. I like to think that with my appropriate dressing I pass the glance test. But anyone who looks at me for a bit will always know that I am a guy. But it really does not matter to me, I just do my thing!

      Thanks sweetie!

  2. You are right, Nadine. Keep on like you've been doing until now, I know you can and will accomplish more.

    Have a nice time!


  3. Those boots *rock* - as do you wearing them. :)