Friday, February 6, 2015

Outfit for 2-6-15 - Red & Purple

Coat - Guess
White Sweater - White House Black Market
Purple Tank - White House Black Market
Skirt - ????? (I don't have that info with me right now!)
Shoes - Born O Concept

In reviewing this outfit for this post, I really think the shoes are not the right pair for this outfit.  I think the shoes are far too casual.  Lately I have been having a tough time mentally with my shoes.  I never feel as though I have just the right pair.  I totally understand how some people can end up with lots and lots of shoes.

I am currently limiting myself in the shoe arena for two main reasons.  1 - Storage space.  I store all of my shoes in shoe boxes with pictures of the shoes on them.  This really helps to keep my shoes dust free and ready to wear right when I pull them out of the box.  2 - The other reason is price.  I have been trying to limit my shopping as of late.

Shopping is such a favorite activity of mine, but alas I can spend so much money in doing so.  For me it is such a stress relief to shop, but spending money is a can often cause stress.  Such a balancing act!  Gosh, can't I just win the power-ball already!  Ha!  What a lark!  Although once, awhile back I did get 5 out of 6 numbers on the CA lotto.  I was one number away from winning 12 million!  Could you imagine the shoes one could purchase with that kind of bank roll?

Things around here have been super busy as of late.  I have many work related projects that are absorbing my time, which I am currently ignoring to write this post! Ha!  So I work all day, and then go home and work my butt off in the yard.  I am trying to redo the entire giant garden Jules and I have.  I have been taking out fences, moving giant shrubs, putting in fences, and still have to redo the irrigation, take out the planter beds, grade the land, etc, etc, etc!!!!  OMG, I am SO tired!  Uggg!

BTW, I absolutely love this purple tank popping from underneath the white sweater!  Gosh it looks so yummy!

Love you!

Wear purple!

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