Monday, February 16, 2015

Outfit for 2-16-2015 - What I Wore on Valentine's Day

Dress - White House Black Market
Shoes - Nine West

The dress I am in was worn during the evening of Valentine's Day.  Jules and I were in the Los Angeles area and went to one of our favorite restaurants, a Brazilian BBQ place.  We enjoyed our dinner very much and left quite stuffed with meat!

During the dinner one of the servers referred to me a "sir."  I laughed after he had left and noted to Jules that I think that same thing has happened several times while at this same restaurant.  It is not something that bothers me.  Funny enough I have had people reference me as a guy while dressed as a girl and I have had people reference me as a girl while dressed as a guy! Go figure!

Earlier in the day Jules and I decided to go to the La Brea Tar Pits.  This is a picture of me next to a statue of a ground sloth.

Shorts - Eunina Jean USA
Top - ?????
Tank - White House Black Market
Shoes - Saucony

I totally forget who made the black top I am wearing but I really like it for its strategic coverage!  It is super long in the front which is not that great for showing off the clothes beneath it and with short shorts on it can kind of appear as though my top is actually just a short dress.  But with it being shear it covers but stills shows!

Jules and I spent several hours walking around, observing the tar pits, which are actually asphalt pits, but whatever!

This lake is totally weird.  It has asphalt floating in it as well as methane bubbles blurping up every now and then.

They also have an inside museum, totally overprice, btw, but it goes towards a good cause: finding more fossils!

I hope that you got to spend an enjoyable day with someone you love!

Love you!


  1. Great outfits in your recent posts (well, all of your posts with outfits!). I've only been to the tarpits a couple of times, but I love visiting them. It was a good weekend for shorts (but we could use some rain).

    1. Hiya D. Yeah it was a great weekend for shorts, but I SO wish it was rainy weather instead. I like those clothes better and we here in Cali are turning into raisins!

  2. Love the dress. I just bought one that is similar. Love the way it fits. Going to a dance later this month and I am planning on wearing it there. Have a great day and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for complement! I appreciate it. Have fun at your dance!

  3. Hi Nadine,

    Your appearance is all woman. Perfect legs, which are made for wearing some nude pantyhose with high heels. Why not?
    Nevertheless you are fab, Nadine.


    1. Feli, you are too nice! Thank you for all the kind words!

      While I do own pantyhose, I do not know the last time that I wore them. I do think they would have improved the look of that outfit though. I should consider them for the future, thanks!

  4. Nadine -

    Were the staff at this restaurant immigrants from 3rd world countries (Asia or the Mid-East)? I get the "Sir" address from people from these countries (probably because of my face and upper body), and yet get the "Ma'am" from everyone else - go figure.....


    1. Hi Marian. Yes the employees appear to be recent immigrants. And yeah I have seen that correlation before as well. Jules and I often ponder why that occurs. It is interesting huh?