Monday, February 23, 2015

Workplace Ignorance and Acceptance!

I had an interesting discussion with my boss today.

I found myself sitting in my bosses office with my head supervisor and 2nd in charge supervisor, and I slightly dissociated from myself and heard myself say:

"Well I do consider myself to be transgender and another employee has gone to my intern and informed them that she does not "approve" of my "lifestyle" and that it is highly inappropriate to come to my workplace with my fingernails painted.  I am not sure if that is appropriate to inform you of at this time but I suspect that she has misinterpreted my being transgender as me flaunting a sexual fetish at work."

Holy crap!  Did I just tell my 2 supervisors that I am transgender?  Yup! I did!  Holy Crap!

This conversation was within a larger context of this particular employee harassing me and creating a hostile work environment.  For the past few years this employee has complained about me numerous times and has had inappropriate discussions about me with fellow employees.  Her arrogance finally got the better of her when she decided to discuss her feelings about me with an intern I am supervising.

She is the type of person who thinks she is a warrior for the "right" things.  So she thinks people like her and appreciate her informing them of things.  What she apparently does not realize is that most employees here consider her to be a cancer on the workplace.  She is always negative and always complaining about something.  Apparently I have been her target for about three years now.

And what did I do to deserve such treatment?  Why the horrendous act of sending her an email politely asking her to stop talking poorly of me to our fellow employees.  Apparently this upset her and put me on her radar as since then she has been behind numerous attempts to discredit me.

It has only been recently that my intern came to me and divulged to me the full extent of this particular woman's wrath.  It has actually been quite disconcerting for me as some of her attempts have potentially put my employment in jeopardy.

But it was just this morning when I found out about her intolerance of my gender expression.  My intern was visibly shaken and worried about informing me about it.  But it came as no great surprise to hear that this woman was attempting to discredit me by criticizing my gender expression.

So what is the end result?  I dunno!  I informed my supervisor.  I filed an official complaint.  My allegations are being investigated.  Do to the nature of my employment, I most likely will never be informed as to the results of the investigation.

Honestly I really don't care, I just want her to leave me alone.  I just want to be able to be me and do my job.

Though I can't say it doesn't bother me.

But on the other hand, I told my boss! And do you know what, he was totally cool!  So does that mean I am out at work now as well?  Possibly!

I told my wife what happened that I told my boss that I am transgender and her response was "well yeah, what is the big deal, it's not like you hide it!."  Love my wife! So nonchalant!

Take that world!

Love you!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Outfit for 2/2/2015 - Belt or No Belt?

Purple Top - White House Black Market
Tank - Mossimo
Skirt - American Apparel
Shoes - Born O Concept
Belt - Mossimo

Sometimes a simple thing like a belt can just make an entire outfit come together.  You really can't see it all that well in these pictures, but in real life the belt makes all of the difference in this outfit.  With the belt it just looks polished and without the belt it looks really sloppy.  I often thought that a belt would make me look more overweight, but actually the opposite is true!  As well, without the belt you see fold lines where I tucked the tank top into my skirt, but with the wide belt it totally covers all of that.

I told Jules how bad the outfit looked when I had tried it all on without the belt and she scoffed and that.  So after taking my pictures for this post and having removed the belt for the last few shots, I came in and showed her and she was amazed at how bad the outfit looked without it.  I then untucked the tank and she agreed that all that did was make it look worse!

Another thing that Jules said to me about this outfit is that she thought this was the best that this purple top has looked.  Which is nice because I have struggled to have a good looking outfit with this top.  I totally love it; the color is to die for!  But it has not always looked very good.  Tops like this used to be a mainstay of my outfits, but as of late, I do not wear many button down tops.  They have a really big tendency of making me look a bit less feminine so I have begun to avoid them.  But when I saw this top in WHBM I loved the color and had to have it!  So I am happy that myself and my wife thought it looked good here.

So?  What is your opinion?  Belt or no belt?  I would love to hear your thoughts on belts!

Love you!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Outfit for 2-16-2015 - What I Wore on Valentine's Day

Dress - White House Black Market
Shoes - Nine West

The dress I am in was worn during the evening of Valentine's Day.  Jules and I were in the Los Angeles area and went to one of our favorite restaurants, a Brazilian BBQ place.  We enjoyed our dinner very much and left quite stuffed with meat!

During the dinner one of the servers referred to me a "sir."  I laughed after he had left and noted to Jules that I think that same thing has happened several times while at this same restaurant.  It is not something that bothers me.  Funny enough I have had people reference me as a guy while dressed as a girl and I have had people reference me as a girl while dressed as a guy! Go figure!

Earlier in the day Jules and I decided to go to the La Brea Tar Pits.  This is a picture of me next to a statue of a ground sloth.

Shorts - Eunina Jean USA
Top - ?????
Tank - White House Black Market
Shoes - Saucony

I totally forget who made the black top I am wearing but I really like it for its strategic coverage!  It is super long in the front which is not that great for showing off the clothes beneath it and with short shorts on it can kind of appear as though my top is actually just a short dress.  But with it being shear it covers but stills shows!

Jules and I spent several hours walking around, observing the tar pits, which are actually asphalt pits, but whatever!

This lake is totally weird.  It has asphalt floating in it as well as methane bubbles blurping up every now and then.

They also have an inside museum, totally overprice, btw, but it goes towards a good cause: finding more fossils!

I hope that you got to spend an enjoyable day with someone you love!

Love you!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Outfit for 2-9-15 - Tall Boots

Sweater - Ann Taylor
Leggings - American Apparel
Boots - Nine West
Belt - Mossimo
Coat - Guess

Today's outfit objective was to wear my tall boots.  I really like them but have not worn them in quite awhile as I have a tough time figuring out a good look for them.  I often do not like the segmentation of my body.  Normally the boots are really tall and my top is kind of low.  This leave a very small strange patch of whatever I am wearing on my legs, which ends up looking a bit odd.

So I tried on about three different bottoms to wear with the boots.  The first was my lovely pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans.  I thought it looked okay.  I also tried that combo with two or three different tops.  Then I tried a pair of black leggings with a different sweater.  It looked okay, but it really did not show off the boots at all.  It sort of made the leggings and the boots meld together.

Lastly, I tried these wild American Apparel leggings that I ended up wearing.  I chose them because they really make the boots stand out.  But the cool things about wearing them with the boots is that the boots cut off most of the leggings from sight, and with such a wild print on the leggings, it helps to tone them down quite a bit.

This outfit was worn to a movie Jules and I went to see and some light shopping.  We ended up going to see Jupiter Rising.  We both basically enjoyed it, but it was rather formulaic.  Oh well!  After the show we went to Macy's for some cosmetics and then walked the mall for a bit to go to Victoria's Secret.  I was out of smelly lotion and I love Victoria's Secret scents.  They are currently having an awesome sale BTW.  You can mix and match 7 of the scented items for only $35!  Normally the tubes Jules and I get are $14 each!  So needless to say, we saved a bundle!  I highly recommend hitting up this sale if you like those items.  I think it is on until Valentines day.

Things around here are going well.  Still working hard to get all of my stuff accomplished.  I realized this weekend that no matter how much I get done, my list will always be full.  It is kind of what keeps me going in life.  I push and push and push myself to get more and more and more done!  Always working!  Work hard, play hard, and love life!

Love you!

Accomplish more!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Outfit for 2-6-15 - Red & Purple

Coat - Guess
White Sweater - White House Black Market
Purple Tank - White House Black Market
Skirt - ????? (I don't have that info with me right now!)
Shoes - Born O Concept

In reviewing this outfit for this post, I really think the shoes are not the right pair for this outfit.  I think the shoes are far too casual.  Lately I have been having a tough time mentally with my shoes.  I never feel as though I have just the right pair.  I totally understand how some people can end up with lots and lots of shoes.

I am currently limiting myself in the shoe arena for two main reasons.  1 - Storage space.  I store all of my shoes in shoe boxes with pictures of the shoes on them.  This really helps to keep my shoes dust free and ready to wear right when I pull them out of the box.  2 - The other reason is price.  I have been trying to limit my shopping as of late.

Shopping is such a favorite activity of mine, but alas I can spend so much money in doing so.  For me it is such a stress relief to shop, but spending money is a can often cause stress.  Such a balancing act!  Gosh, can't I just win the power-ball already!  Ha!  What a lark!  Although once, awhile back I did get 5 out of 6 numbers on the CA lotto.  I was one number away from winning 12 million!  Could you imagine the shoes one could purchase with that kind of bank roll?

Things around here have been super busy as of late.  I have many work related projects that are absorbing my time, which I am currently ignoring to write this post! Ha!  So I work all day, and then go home and work my butt off in the yard.  I am trying to redo the entire giant garden Jules and I have.  I have been taking out fences, moving giant shrubs, putting in fences, and still have to redo the irrigation, take out the planter beds, grade the land, etc, etc, etc!!!!  OMG, I am SO tired!  Uggg!

BTW, I absolutely love this purple tank popping from underneath the white sweater!  Gosh it looks so yummy!

Love you!

Wear purple!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Outfit for 2-2-2015 - Long Torso

Sweater - Michael Kors
Top - Patty Boutique
Skirt - 36 point 5
Shoes - Born O Concept

Today Jules and I needed to go get our nails done as well as to do some shopping at Costco and Trader Joes.  I put together this outfit primarily because I felt like showing a bit of cleavage as I have not been feeling particularly feminine lately and thought I could use a bit of a visual boost.

I think this top does a great job of showing off my smallish decolletage.  In fact for not having any breasts at all, I think the illusion I can create is fabulous and it always gives me a great boost to my ego!

And it always makes me laugh!

So in that way I really like this outfit, but something looked a bit off to me.  I tried on three different sweaters and none of them really solved the problem for me.  I couldn't really tell what was off about it.  But in looking at my photos, I think the proportions are a bit off.  With the striped top being so long it really extends my torso and think that is the problem.  In general men have longer torsos than women and I think this outfit makes my torso look even longer.  Especially with the sweater being so long, that only makes it worse.

But it works, okay.  Not fabulous, but still, okay!  :)

I want to say thanks to everyone who reached out after my previous post, I appreciate all of the support that everyone out there has given me in working through this challenging time in my life.

Thank you all so much!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Love others!