Sunday, January 11, 2015

Outfit for 1-11-15 - Love this Outfit

Sweater - White House Black Market
Jacket - Guess
Skirt - American Apparel
Shoes - Nickles
Belt - Mossimo

I chose to wear this outfit for some light shopping and seeing a movie.  Jules and I have been under more than a little bit of stress lately and we wanted a mellow day.  So our mellow day consisted of shopping at Trader Joes and Sephora.  We also went and saw the newest Nigh At The Museum movie.  Overall it was a nice relaxing day.

When we came home, I took these pictures.  What is funny about all of the photos I took is that my smile is betraying my inner feelings.

In almost every picture I took, I have the same fake smile.  It is not something that I really feel like going into currently.  So you will have to wait.  For today I just wanted to get something onto my blog.

Love you!


  1. Nice outfit. Lucky girl. Outing to movies and shopping all with your in tune significant other.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yeah, I so appreciate my wife. Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. That is a great outfit and you look wonderfu. I find that stress can be lowered by putting on a dress. Not to long ago my wife was under stress and she quipped that she wished she had an activity that cut down on her level of stress as nicely as dressing cuts down my stressing.


    1. Thanks Pat. I have heard of dressing as reducing stress and I wish it worked better for me. I suppose it does a bit, but maybe just not to the extent that I wished it would. I often find myself pondering that old Huey Lewis song - I Want a New Drug. Wouldn't it be nice and easy? What a fantasy! Too bad that most fantasies actually suck in reality!

      Wow, I am in a snarky mood! ;)

  3. nadine, you always look so beautiful! wow!

  4. Love the red jacket, hon. :)