Friday, December 5, 2014

Posing for Pictures


Occasionally my wife and I will look at pictures of other cross dressers and frequently Jules has commented that the person would look so much better by standing in a different way.  For a little while now I have been taking pictures of myself in different poses so I could demonstrate what my wife is talking about.  Oh and I read once that women naturally pose well for pictures; uh... no.  It is a learned skill, so read on lovelies!

Let's start with the pictures on top.  On the left is my frumpy stance.  Okay, there is my super cute dog in the background, but what about me?  1st - my feet are about shoulder width apart.  Which, even with my killer skirt makes my lower half look very blocky.  I try to keep this in mind even while walking, thus I tend to try and walk with my knees close together and my ankles brushing.  2nd - My arms at straight down at my waist.  This makes my shoulders look extra blocky as well.  3rd - My shoulders are slumped.  Well slouching looks good on no one!  It makes my shoulders look extra big and makes me look less confident.  4th - lastly, my chin is down.  This makes my neck look extra thick and also makes me look less confident.

1st - I again have my legs about shoulder width apart.  Well for me, I am surprised on how chubby that makes me look!  Wow, look at that belly!  2nd - My arms are down at my waist, again making my shoulders look extra large.  3rd - Slouching shoulders again!

With the picture on the right I am doing a couple of things that maybe you don't notice.  One of them is I am leaning back a little bit.  This really pulls my shoulders back and decreases their appearance.  So many people think that by slouching people will not notice how big their shoulders are when exactly the opposite is true!  The other thing I am doing in this photo is that I am slightly angled to the camera.  This provides for a more slimming profile.

1st - My legs are again about shoulder width apart.  Can you see yet that it is super important to put your feet together when taking a photo?  2nd - my arms are again down at my wised.  Both of these things combine to make me look very blocky!  And very male!

1st - again with the legs shoulders width apart.  2nd - the hands at my sides.  Even in this cute dress, the combo of those two things totally screams Dude in a Dress to me!

1st - The same problem with my feet being apart.  They are closer together than some of the other photos, but still with having them not be together it just looks wrong.  Like I am encouraging the viewer to look up my skirt!  2nd - the hands at my sides again!

The photo on my right, notice that I am very angled to the camera.  It so emphasizes my skinny!

So now with a set of three different photos.  In the 1st I have the same basic problems, my feet are far apart and my hands are at my sides.  In the middle photo, I have put my feet together, which looks better.  But in the last photo I have a little tilt to my hips, a bend at my knee and my hand is on my hip.  Way more girly in that last photo!

Cameras are great, but they also severely suck!  They are not interested in automatically capturing our best sides and making us look great!  They take a snapshot of whatever we are presenting.  And often, it does not look as good as it could.

With just simple things like, putting your feet together, bending a leg a little, putting your hands on your hips, twisting your torso a little, putting your shoulders back, lifting your chin up, those little things will go a long way to making you look your absolute best!

Love you.

Take pictures of yourself!

Be proud of who you are!

Love you again!


  1. Nadine

    Love your Blog! Great tips! Thank you,

  2. Some great pointers, especially what not to do. I know I'm not very good at posing for my own pics, and could always use more tips. I think I do keep my feet/legs together, but a lot of the other stuff slips my mind. More practice! It's a bit tricky, though, because I have an old camera and have to set the timer to take one pic at a time, then go to it and set it for the next and so on.
    Anyway, your own photos are ample evidence that you have learned how to pose to show off and enhance what you want to present. Nice work!


    1. Hi D-

      Yeah, older cameras sure do make it tough. I recently bought a new camera that I can operate with a remote. I have had a tripod for some time, but now I can setup the camera on the tripod and snap away until my heart's content! I love it. My pictures have really improved since I upgraded, mostly because in a typical outfit photo shoot I take between 50-100 pictures. I know, crazy right? Well with that many, then I generally can get a few that I like!


  3. Great tips Nadine! I am not a photogenic person and often forget simple things like this. Especially the chin up, nothing worse than a double chin.


    1. Thanks Vivian. Yeah right? Who wants a double chin in photos? Not me! Oh and from what I can tell you are quite photogenic! You are a total cutie! How could you not take a good picture? That is probably along the belief lines of all clothes looking good on you huh? Yeah, you are right, it takes effort to get a good photo! Love ya!

  4. Being a swimmer, and having somewhat enormous shoulders, I can really appreciate your tips on stance and upper body positioning. As a color blocking strategy for shoulders, I'm looking at boleros - though I don't recall you modelling any. Do they work for you?

    1. A swimmer eh Daria? Yeah I too swam from 8-16. My coach loved for me to do the 200 Fly. Shoulders much? Yeah, more than a little!

      Yes I have tried a bolero, and have one in white and one in black. I think the last time I showed one here was back in October, on the 27th. It is somewhat like a bolero, but maybe a bit bigger. I think it is a good idea though! The smaller sweater can give the appearance of smaller features! Good thoughts!