Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Outfit for 12/30/14 - A Night In Vegas

Purple Top - White House Black Market
Black Tank - Patty Boutique
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind
Boots - Nine West

I really like this purple top and have been attempting to fit it into an outfit for several months now.  I find it to be funny with how that goes with certain clothes; I will try them on, buy them, and then hang them in the closet until I figure out how and when to where them. When I decide to dress up, I go into the closet and examine my options, try on different things, and go with whatever works on that day.  But occasionally some clothes will continually be placed back into the closet and not get worn,  I feel like they call out to me and say "Hey, what about me, wear me, wear me!"  And then when I decided to not wear them they cry!

Okay they don't really cry; I know it is all just in my mind.  But still this top was begging to be worn and I just couldn't figure it out.  Button down tops, even super girly ones, often give a rather masculine look to them.  So every time I put on this top, I just saw dude.  But on the day that I actually decided to wear it, I was so fed up with not being able to dress I told myself I had to figure out how to wear it, and thus I did.

I have not been dressing up much lately.  Life has been full lately.  Isn't it funny, no matter how full life seems to get, there is always room for more!  On the night I wore this, I happened to be in Vegas.  I had brought clothes to dress up every night, but alas, out of the four nights I was there, I was only able to dress on my last night there.

The reason I was out in Vegas is because of the on going saga with my father.  A brief update - back in July my dad, who I have not spoken with much over the last five years or so phoned me and told me he recently divorced from his second wife.  I went out to see him and realized his health was failing and he was experiencing quite a bit of dementia.  I started to get him help and had a team evaluating his situation.  We got to a point where we needed to hire a lawyer to separate his finances from his ex's.  He spoke to his ex about it and she convinced him that he could not trust me and could only trust her.  He told me he no longer wanted my assistance in any way and that he could take care of himself.  So... I pulled out and waited.

A couple of months later and he ended up in the hospital and they would not allow him to leave.  The ex then began taking everything she wanted, including things like my dead mother's china.  I got back involved when I was contacted by my aunt asking if I could go gather up my dad's personal possessions before the ex took everything.

Thus I found myself out in Vegas trying to help how I could.  Now I find myself embroiled in this very messy situation.  I have no idea where I stand legally with what I am doing.  He has been declared incompetent, his ex still has power of attorney.  He has been signed over to the state of Nevada for a public guardian.  The divorce states they each get 50% but the ex is taking way more.  My father is slowly giving up on living and appears to be slowly drifting off further and further.  There is a family trust, but it still states that the ex gets everything if he should die.  And I can not find any mention of what happens if they get divorced.

And now I sit here stunned, trying to write a blog post and finding myself just babbling about all of this drama!  Uggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!  I have heard of people who have done what my dad's ex has but I never really wanted to think that it happens in real life, only daytime soap operas!  But alas, it is true.  My dad married this woman, gave her everything, and she spent it all.  He is broke, is slowly dying, and she is trying to take things like his personal rings!

Do you know what I need?  I need a lawyer!  This sucks!

Love you.

Love your family.

And remember, your children can't divorce you.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate my dad?  How horrible he made my life growing up?  How people told him that someone was sexually abusing my sister, and he did nothing except for get mad at her?  Yeah, he is a fuck.  But at the end of the day, he is still my father, and I have morals.

Too bad he could never see that.  Too bad that he could never understand that no matter what, he is my father, and I can not divorce him.

Love you!


  1. Nadine
    I really feel bad for you. This has to be a difficult time. Your dad may not have been all that good for you and your sister but he is the only one that you have. It is sad that he cannot find dignity in his old age and even sadder that a woman that he may at some point loved now only sees him for what she can take from him and his children.
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope for the best.
    In the meantime let me wish you and Jules a Happy and Healthy New Year.

    1. Thank you for your wise thoughts Pat. I have always appreciated getting your perspective!

  2. Your outfit with the purple top came together nicely.
    Sorry about all of the family drama!


  3. Nadine,

    So sorry to hear you're having to deal with this witch (actually that's probably insulting to witches) or maybe Banshee would be a better term. My family went through a similar situation with an uncle of mine, only this was all arranged by my grand-father and him years before he died. The one thing it appears he misjudged was our sheer stubbornness to give in or quit. In the end lots of things just disappeared, and no one knows where they went. My father speculated some of my uncles buddies even grabbed some of the family heirlooms, which is really messed up.

    Anyway, when you're done you'll be able to see yourself in the mirror. Where she probably won't. You've also got to believe that Karma of some form will come back to haunt her. Stay true and strong.


    1. I do believe in that what goes around comes around. So in the end she will get what is coming to her, however that happens.

      Sorry to hear about your family troubles, it sounds similar.

      Thanks for writing!

  4. Naline sorry about the mess, I really feel for you here, parents can be a load of **** sometimes.
    Hold in there girl, will be thinking of you.
    And Jules, I know you will, but keep a eye on her for us as well.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts Abigail! I appreciate it.

  5. You say you are a man who likes to dress in women's clothes. All I can see in the pics is a fabulous woman. You can be proud of you!

    1. Hi Feli-

      Thanks so much for the complement! That is super kind of you to say, :)