Sunday, December 7, 2014

Outfit for 12-7-14 - Forgotten Socks

Top - Max Studio
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind
Shoes - Born O Concept

I was so bummed this morning while getting dressed; I had forgot my socks for the boots I wanted to wear with these jeans.  Such an unfortunate circumstance.  I brought the boots with me, but not the right socks.  In fact, I had no socks at all with me this morning.  So it was particularly good that I had my trusty strappy wedges with me.  Ever since I bought those shoes, I have worn them so much!  They are so versatile.

But I was indeed bummed about not having the ability to wear what I wanted to.  Lately I have been trying to pack more lightly.  Normally I pack about 10-20 outfits for a possible 1 outfit day.  Which is total overkill, but it generally prevents from happening what happened today.  I brought a pair of jeans and a skirt.  I also brought about three different tops.  Everything interchanged thus I could have made six different outfits.  But I forgot the right undergarments for the skirt, which cut out half of the potential outfits right off the bat. And then I found out, while pulling my clothes out of my suitcase, I had forgotten any socks!  Wow!

What I learned from this trip is, packing lighter is nicer.  I have less stuff to lug around with me.  But in order to pack lighter successfully, I will need to layout every piece of the each outfit, including all appropriate undergarments and socks!

Anyway... I think the outfit I decided on worked out well enough.  I, of course, love my new skinny jeans.  I love them even more with the passing of time and more opportunities to wear them come about.  I also really like the Max Studio top.  It is super form fitting, thus along with the skinny jeans, they both work together to make me look super skinny.  Which I think is great for wearing horizontal stripes.  I also think the edges look good enough.

Okay.  That's it for now.

Thanks for all of the great support after my last post.  You all are so nice!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Wear jeans!

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